Improving Quality of Life with Norwex

Improving Quality of Life with Norwex

Improving the quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning.

After reading that line above, I ask you… why would you not want to use Norwex?

If you have never heard of Norwex, or even if you have heard of Norwex but not tried it I highly urge you to check out the website, read about the product and give it a try.  Linda can answer any questions you have.

I just recently heard about Norwex but that was it… I just heard.   I am busy, and never took the time at first to ask questions of check out what it was.  Well, in Nov I organized a local women’s expo and there was a Norwex rep at my show.  I looked over her stuff, asked a couple questions but since I was so busy that was where it ended.  It wasn’t until I met Linda online and she joined in on a promotion I had going on here at Today’s Work at Home Mom that I really decided it was time to truly find out about Norwex.   A friend of mine had bought a few of the products and swore by them, so I needed to see what they were about.

I got my package in the mail and checked everything out and because I was busy (as usual) I just put it all away.   Last week I took a day to mass clean my home because I was the one hosting Christmas so needed to clean.  I have not done my windows in a very long time, and of course the sun was shining that day so I figured I better take care of them.   I took out my Norwex Window Cloth, and read the info on it and saw that I was only to use a spray bottle with water.  Really?  There is no way WATER is going to clean my windows!  Dang!   Well, I sprayed my first window with water, and started rubbing with the window cloth and right in front of my eyes the window was clean.  And not clean like when one uses window cleaner and paper towel.  Nope, it was extremely clean!  No streaks, smudges, bug guts left or anything.  Holy Moly!!   I was so excited I continued to clean every single window in my house.  ( That is 14 huge windows).  I also cleaned all the mirrors in my house with the window cloth.  Never ever have my mirrors been so clean! I am in such awe over the window cloth!  Wow..just water.  Now tell me, why spend money on cleaning products and have harmful chemicals in your home when all you need is this cloth and water.   ~ Something to think about .. huh?

Well, the window cloth is just the tip of the iceberg.  I continued to clean my house, dusting with the Enviro Cloth.   Used dry or wet for dusting and cleaning.   You can’t even begin to imagine how awesome this cloth is.  You need one!!   I dusted my whole house on Friday (Dec 21) and today is the 28th and I have not one spot of dust on anything!  Seriously!!   And, we heat with wood so I have to dust every couple days.  This is huge to me!  And, no using any cleaning products.. just the cloth!

The bathroom is my least favorite room to clean.  Not sure why, but it is.  Back when I was a housekeeper and me and a friend cleaned rooms together I always did beds, she did bathrooms. Haha!  Well, I got the Blue Diamond cleaner and the Scrub Mitt.   Ok, let me tell you I about died!!  I used the cleaner on my shower walls and tub and I used way way way to much!!  A little goes a very long way. But, I was not used to that as the cleaners I have used one must use a ton to get the job done.  Not with Norwex!!  And, the scrub mitt is absolutely amazing!!  Very little muscle and this scrub mitt and my shower walls and tub were cleaner than they have been in a very long time!!  I hung my scrub mitt in my shower up high and now every week before I actually get out of the shower I can just put it on, and scrub scrub and be done.  Easy Peasy!   And no harmful, smelly chemicals at all.   You don’t even need the cleaner, as the mitt will do fine with just water.   Perfect for the sink too.   You can also use it on the toilet after you are done with the tub and sink and then rinse really well and hang to dry.

In the winter our bathroom towels take on a life of their own.  With 3 of us here, and 3 or 4 towels hanging in the bathroom they just don’t seem to dry and then they get smelly.  Ick!!  And nobody wants to use a smelly towel and so they end up in the hamper weekly which makes more laundry for mom.  Well, I got a towel for each of us now and they are so awesome.  No more smelly towels.  They are so absorbent too.  I now have bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes.   So, we are all set for a non smelly bathroom.

These are just some of the awesome products that Norwex has.   You can get rid of all the icky, chemical cleaning products and clean your whole house with just a cloth and water.   And, it will be cleaner than you ever had it before, plus you will not be putting all those chemicals on the floor or in the air.    Norwex also has bath and body products and baby and kid products.

Check them out and give Linda a shout if you have questions.   I am now sold on Norwex!!  Can’t wait to get some of the other products.   I know that you might be shocked when you take a look at the products, because I will be honest.. they are not cheap.  But, if you really do the math, and realize how healthy for you and the environment and see you will no longer be wasting money on bottles of cleaner or on many loads of laundry to clean all the towels and such you will see Norwex is perfect for you and your home.


  1. Sheila Thomas says:

    I have never heard of it either and am so glad I found out. Love their stuff.

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