Should I Join a Direct Sales Company Because I Love the Products?

When considering to join a direct sales company as a consultant, there are many choices to make. One thing that seems to often come up is the question: do you love the products? But should this be the only reason you base your decision upon?

When considering to join a direct sales company as a consultant, there are many choices to make. Find out there is more to it then a love for the products


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What Direct Sales Company to Choose?

There are many opportunities available in the direct selling industry. With product lines and of companies, you have your choice of which company to grow a business with. In your decision making process, you should consider these: What is the company’s compensation plan? What is company’s policies and procedures? And are the products are consumables? – making it likely customers will reorder.

What about the products? Should you start a direct sales company with a company just because you love the products? While liking the product line can help you be a more enthusiastic sales person, there’s a few other things you should consider.

What’s Wrong with Just Loving the Products?

Clearly, liking the products is a key part to your success.  If you don’t have any interest in what you are selling it will show. If you don’t wear jewelry and it’s not something that interests you, how well do you think you could represent a jewelry company? Yet the question remains: do you need to be full-on, passionate about the products? Some will say a definite Yes! But, others will disagree that being passionate about the company’s products is a necessity for success.

Let’s take a look at an example to help you understand why passion might not be the best indicator of potential business success.

Two Examples

Company A has a product line that you are crazy about. You want one of everything in the catalog. You already have bought several of them as a customer. However, after you reviewed their compensation plan you see that earning more than 20% is virtually impossible. The products are consumable so customers return to shop occasionally when they need to buy a gift or new items are released. It’s ground floor opportunity so it’s not familiar with many people. That makes it both a challenge to tell people about the company, but also gives you an advantage of being at the ground floor with less competition.

Company B has some cute, unique products. You aren’t as passionate about the items compared to the other company. However, you know of some target markets that would benefit from the product line. This company pays their consultants almost 50% commission, in addition to extra percentages available. The primary product line is consumable. Therefore, customers would shop often to replenish their supply. They’ve been in business for about six years, have a proven track record of growth in both sales and recruits. You read about them in the Direct Selling news and know they’ve won a number of awards. You showed the catalog to a couple of your friends and they like what they see. But, you just don’t happen to see yourself needing to fill your home with one of everything from the catalog.

Obviously, if you’re in business to make money (and aren’t we all?) then Company B has a whole lot more going for it than Company A. If all you’re looking for is a fun way to earn a little spending money, though, by all means stick with the company whose products you’re passionate about.

What’s Important to You Matters

Let’s face it no one wants to sell something they don’t like. While you don’t have to love it like crazy it makes a difference in how you market it. What you must decide is what it important to you. Here is a short list of direct sales company details to examine to make the best choice for what’s important you:

  • Start up Cost
  • Commission (and how it’s calculated (do you need to order a certain amount each month? do you need a downline of consultants? What about downline commissions?)
  • Bonuses
  • Minimum Order Required
  • Website or Catalog Available
  • Consumable or Nonconsumable
  • Average cost of products
  • How can you sell (Home party, local events, online, etc.)
  • How many shows or events a month will you need to book to make the income you want. Or, how many sales will need to make a month to reach your income goal.

Most direct sales companies have most of these details available in their brochure and compensation plan. Also, you can discuss these with the consultant you wish to sign-up under. Before you sign up make sure you read the agreement you are signing. And, if you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask.

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  1. You make some very good points here. I typically here people say they’re with a company because they use and love the products. But if you’re trying to make money and the compensation plan isn’t the best, I would agree to go with a different company, just as long as it’s not something you don’t like at all. Great post!

  2. This is a very helpful list. There’s a lot to consider before making a decision like this!

  3. I joined Plexus because I wanted to change my health. I knew I had problems and wanted to see if this helped. I sell Plexus because I want other moms to feel like I’m feeling. I want them to see these changes for themselves.

    • Katharine says:

      That’s great, Samantha! When you have a proven experience with a product it can the world of difference with your business’s success. You are living proof it works!

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