Love Pets? Join PawTree


Do you ?  I know I am a huge pet lover and my 2 dogs are sometimes treated better than my hubby or kid.  😉

Are you looking for something new to add to your business portfolio?  Do you love animals?  Are you pets a huge part of your family?  Why not show them how much you care, by joining a new pet based direct sale company and spoil your pets with discounts on amazing pet products, as well as earning an income by selling the amazing products to others who love their pets.

I am looking for HIGHLY MOTIVATED individuals who want to take part in this brand new direct sale company!

PawTree is an amazing company that puts Pets first! Quality is key when we eat, and it should also be when our pets eat.  Food and treats of high quality ingredients, hand picked toys, and accessories.  It’s time to jump on board and be a PetPro with PawTree.
Our product line puts your pet’s health and safety first.

Join my Team.

Check out the fun kits available.

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