Make Money at Home with Direct Sales

There are hundreds of direct sales companies that offer a way to make money at home and be with their children. But knowing what it involves can be hard to understand. With so many companies to choose from and a lot of information to learn, it can be hard to figure it out. So, let me know help you learn and you get on the road to making money!

Direct sales companies offer a way to make money at home with direct sales. Knowing these tips will give you a strong start to your new business.

The Basics of How to Make Money at Home with Direct Sales

When you sign up with a direct sales, you become a consultant working as an independent contractor for the company. You get to sell their products or services and receive a commission.  That’s the income coming from the difference between the price you charge your customers and the price you pay for the items. Commissions I’ve seen range from 10% to 50%.

Additionally, many normally let you earn money from commissions off of the sales of your recruits (your downline). How deep your commissions go in your downline depends on the company. It makes a great way to make money at home by earning passive off the team of consultants you recruit.

Why Go with Direct Sales as a Home Business?

Low Start-up Costs

Going with a direct sales company is a great way to start a work at home business. I say that because they give stay at home moms an affordable way to start up their own business. The costs to get started are usually low. Normally a starter kit costs $100 to $200. Compare that with opening a business that will cost thousands to find and buy all the merchandise. Some companies even offer the opportunity to earn a starter kit for free or special discounted sign-up specials.

Flexibility and Support

Working a direct sales business gives you flexibility to work the number of hours and make the income that fits you. You are in control of your schedule on when you work on your business. Your income is directly affected by your efforts. The more events you book, the more new clients you meet. Thus, the more you opportunities you will have to make money at home.

You’ll also receive encouragement and support from fellow consultants. Some teams have weekly sales meetings to help keep you motivated and give you fresh ideas for your business. Others have Facebook groups where you can network with other consultants for support and praise. The person you sign up under will also provide you with lots of help as you get your business started.

What it Takes to Be a Success in Direct Sales

To be successful in direct sales, helps have good people skills. Don’t worry even introverts can succeed! You may have to step out of your comfort zone, but it’s well worth it when you consider the benefits of being able make money at home. The products are really second to your personality. Your presence and your customer service will be what sell your items. I always keep this in mind “treat customers like you would want to be treated”.

Also, staying organized is important. As an independent consultant, you are in charge of tracking sales and paying the appropriate taxes. Plus, you need to schedule your events and your online marketing.  Additionally you’ll want remember to follow up with your customers in a timely manner and check in with those you’ve recruited. The more you treat this like a serious business, your ability to make money at home will increase with success.

Before you Sign up with a Direct Sales Company

Once you’ve decided that direct sales is right for you, it’s time to choose while direct sales company you want to make money at home with. It’s recommended that you choose a company that offers product that you already like. If you’ve never purchased from the company, order something to test them out. However, if you don’t have a chance to do that, see if they have a refund policy for products and starter kits.

The best salespeople are enthusiastic about their products. Choose a product line that you like and enjoy using. Trying to sell something that you don’t use yourself or that you aren’t that interested in will make you look insincere to your customers. The more you can stand behind your products, the more success to make make money at home there will be in your business.

Think about your direct sales company choice in the long term. This will be the business that you put your name on, and you will invest your time and money in. Research your options thoroughly and make sure that you sign up with a good company.  Don’t feel pressured by a sponsor to sign right away. This is your decision and it is up to you whether or not you want to join.

Find out what customers and consultants are saying about the company. If there is more bad than good being said about a company and its consultants,  that’s a red flag. Also, visit the Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau websites. They can give you information about the trustworthiness of a company.

Ask Lots of Questions!

Also, make sure to ask a lot of questions. Know everything that you can about the company before you sign up. Understand the commission structure, how products are sold and if there are any monthly minimums. Make sure you understand how much your starter pack will cost and what the kit includes. Will there be anything else you need to buy immediately? Will you need to buy inventory? Understand how ordering works and how the products get to the customers. Do you get a website for customers to order through? And most importantly, read the sign up agreement before you sign it. Ask questions about it if some parts are unclear to you.

In closing, I have experienced the good and bad with direct sales companies. I made my share of mistakes, but I also learned a lot, too. My biggest lessons have been: Pick a product you love using. Push away fear and step out of your comfort zone. To make money at home with direct sales, you need to find ways to sell offline, as well as online, in order to have the greatest success. Be serious and committed to do the hard work. If you do those things, you’ll be on your way to earning money from your new business!


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