Make Money from Home with Laundry Care

Use your domestic talents to make money from home with Laundry Care.  When I first learned about this, I quickly became excited to share it with others. I  saw right way what a good money earning idea this is for stay at home moms to make extra money.  I am partnering with Laundry Care in this sponsored post to tell you all about how to get started.  I don’t easily agree to do posts of this type unless I believe it would benefit you readers and can pass my standards as a legitimate business or job opportunity. This is one of those gems!

Use your domestic talents to make money from home with Laundry Care. Learn how you can start a laundry services business from your home.

Who is Laundry Care?

Laundry Care is a nationwide network of laundry providers who help busy people with the chore of getting their laundry done.  Providers are supported under the brand name with access to resources to grow their business. So, even if you’ve never had your own business, there are resources available to you.

What are the requirements?

There are a few requirements to ensure your success in getting started:

  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • Have a reliable car.
  • Own a washer and dryer.
  • Have a clean Background
  • A Smartphone and internet access.
  • Be available during daytime hours.
  • You need to be professional, organized, reliable, friendly, flexible and motivated.

Interview with Laundry Care Provider Natalie

To learn what it’s like to make money from home with Laundry Care, we interviewed Natalie, a Laundry Care Provider in Portland, Oregon.

Q: How long have you been a Provider with Laundry Care?
A: For about four months.

Q: What attracted you to Laundry Care?
A: I really liked the idea of being able to get paid to do something I already do for my own family and I could stay at home with my child. I also liked that I could make money in a new business adventure without learning a new skill or buying new tools. I could start immediately.

Q: Tell me a little about the support and resources Laundry Care provides.
A: I love the Work Desk. There are excellent resources that are really easy to navigate and find. I utilize the tips for marketing and getting leads. Also, I absolutely love that Laundry Care has printed materials ready to use and media tools. I use the photos almost daily on my Facebook business page and my Instagram.

Q: What are some of the challenges you face?
A; Building up clients. I have used some of the marketing ideas that the Home Office has provided, but it’s always a challenge to get my business card and fliers in more hands. I promote on social media a lot because it’s the fastest and cheapest way to advertise.

Q: How has Laundry Care made a difference in your life?
A: I have met more people online and have discovered the many ways that people need assistance from time to time. We all do. Life happens and the laundry still needs to get done!

Q: What advice would you give to someone about being a Provider?
A: Be prepared to be patient when it comes to getting leads. You may have to really get out in the community and promote yourself. Folks are not initially going to come looking for us, so we have to go find them and be a solution in their lives/business.

How to Get Started

Are you excited? Visit Laundry Care’s website. There, you can read more about getting started and how to apply. Also, there’s several reviews from providers sharing their experiences. What better way to earn extra money than by doing something that helps others using your domestic talents!

Lastly, I want to remind you that with any business opportunity like this, you will need to work at it consistently. This isn’t something where the work is handed to you. However, You will have available resources to learn the most successful way of marketing your new services to potential clients.

Use your domestic talents to make money from home with Laundry Care. Learn how you can start a laundry services business from your home.


  1. I’ve never heard of this business before. This would be a lifesaver to new mamas, there’s a potential group to target in this business. Also a great option for mamas at home doing laundry anyway. Great post!

    • Katharine says:

      I hadn’t either, Kimi. But when I did I knew right away what a great idea it was. There’s a lot of moms out there that may feel they have no skills to do a job or business. Plus they help their laundry providers with resources on marketing their services.

  2. I would definitely need a new washer and dryer if I did something like this.

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