Making the Most of Your Family’s Schedule (Video Tip)

Do you have a wall calendar for keeping your family’s schedule straight? Are you making the most of your family’s schedule? Kari of Driskotech is sharing awesome tips today.

Tips from Driskotech on making the most of your family's schedule

Kari Driskell is a previous middle school math teacher, mother of two busy lil blonde headed girls, wife of a busy high school football coach, a Premier Designs Jeweler, and owner of DRISKOTECH. Driskotech is a brand new company that specializes in helping direct sellers and small business owners create fun and engaging videos, meant to be shared via social media, and especially during their online Facebook Parties! In her spare time she enjoys THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, folding laundry, and watching her kids on the soccer field… and not particularly in that order. She is an avid run-on sentence writer. Check out her DRISKOTECH Facebook fanpage at:

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