Being the Mom that Always Comes Last (or My Adventures in Teeth Whitening)

Do you feel you’re the mom that always comes last? The thing about being a Stay at Home or Work at Home mom is that it’s way too easy to forget to take care of yourself. It’s less stressful to just throw on a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt to get groceries or run to the post office or just hang out with the kids all day. I know that I got stuck in the rut of putting the kids first and not putting any effort into how I look for way too long.

I mean, raise your hand if your kids have ever asked you where you’re going because you put on actual clothes and makeup. *raises hand*

The older I get, though, the more I have seen the connection between not putting the effort in and really low self-esteem. I just don’t feel good about myself, I feel blah. I start to feel sad about the cute clothes in my closet and the absolute lack of places to wear them.

Disclosure ~  I received the at-home whitening kit and custom trays for review purposes, but the results and opinions are all my own.
Before and After photos were taken in the same room with the same camera settings and were only cropped and tagged (no other editing).

Stop being the mom that always comes last.

In the last couple of years, I’ve started to try to put myself together more.

Find Clothes That Suit You

I learned what kind of clothes work best for me and got rid of the ones I don’t wear or don’t do me any favors (hello, skinny jeans and tunics).

Put on Makeup

I found a great lipstick and bought all of my favorite colors.

Take Care of Your Beautiful Smile

I whitened my teeth, I cut my bangs and figured out how make my wavy hair more beachy and less frizzy.

Just because my kids are all in school now doesn’t mean I’m any less busy or have any extra money. I actually work out of my home more now, go to more appointments that I used to avoid, enjoy more “me” time during the day.

My Teeth Whitening Experience

One thing that I did for myself that doesn’t cost a lot (especially in comparison to going to a professional to have it done). And, that was easy to do after the kids went to bed and while reading or watching TV (or doing the dishes or working on the computer) was at-home whitening trays. I used the set from Smile Brilliant, the company that sends you completely custom trays. They can be used over and over for the initial whitening and maintenance, and pro-strength whitening gel AND desensitizing gel.

I drink A LOT of coffee. About three weeks of using the trays at night (most but not every night), the surface stains were gone. I still have plenty of the gels leftover to use every few months or when I need a refresher. I’m not going to lie, I’ve always had a pretty bad gag reflex. So, creating the molds for my custom trays and then using the trays themselves took some getting used to. And, my gums were a little sensitive after the first couple of nights using the whitening gel. But, I got used to it all pretty quickly. After the first week or so, I only took the trays out because I had to go to sleep (not because they were uncomfortable).


At the end of the process, my teeth had become several shades whiter. I feel a lot better about flashing a smile (with or without my lipstick on).  You can get a discount on your order.  5% off using coupon code: todaysmom5

What have you done for yourself lately? Don’t be the mom that always comes last.



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