Money Saving Wedding Planning Tips

Plan Ahead

It’s important for newlyweds to plan ahead. Well, let’s not water it down: it’s important for everybody to plan ahead, but those in a marriage really need to look at what they’re getting themselves into and make the appropriate decisions. The truth is, marriage is one of those “agony and ecstasy” kind of things.

For every bottom-of-the-valley moment, there are a dozen exultant ones where a peak is conquered. But to get to the peaks, you have to first go through the valleys. You’re going to have valleys where in-laws won’t get along with each other. There will be arguments. Children will be joyful, but then eventually break things and get in trouble.

When combining your life with another’s, all the beauty and pain you experience is combined with all the beauty and pain another will experience perennially. What people don’t realize is that marriage is more than just a tool for creating new life, or getting a tax break in society. It’s a means which makes individuals become fulfilled.

A marriage forces two people to work off their “rough edges” and choose to love, rather than being emotionally compelled through hormones and youth. This choice-driven love is one of the most powerful things there is; and achieving it requires planning beforehand, otherwise the reality of matrimony can be shocking. This is especially true when it comes to finances.


Financial Considerations

Weddings aren’t cheap, no matter how well budgeted. But you can cut costs drastically if you’re willing to think things out in advance. Money will be one of your biggest arguments in marriage. If you have it, the arguments will be about spending it. If you don’t have it, the arguments will be about getting it.

Work together on budgeting your wedding and think of it as a precursor to even more expensive and life-changing financial decisions, like property investment or choosing which ivy-league college to send your children to.

Look at vendors, venues, entertainment, catering, transportation, wardrobe, invitations, decorations, photography, seating, and lodging. Set an upper spending limit on each item and go about strategically finding the best deal. A wise way to save today often involves using the internet to source both deals and—surprisingly—funding.


Online Savings Strategies

If you go to this website,, you can find a wide variety of “Winter bridesmaid dresses & gowns”, as well as numerous other styles of dresses. Online solutions like this can save you a lot of time and money while helping you find options that look extravagant and beautiful.

Additionally, you might consider the crowdfund option. Take Plumfund for example. It allows friends and family to give anonymously. On top of that, you may get support from exterior donors interested in helping young people realize their dreams.

Next, you may be able to use the internet to buy things in bulk. Consider this: you could pay a confectioner to cater your wedding, or you could order candy in bulk and have someone in the family transport/arrange it for the reception. You may be able to shave a few hundred to a few thousand dollars off the event’s cost with such a move. Checking into cashback sites is a great idea as many offer not only cash back, but coupons and discounts for online and offline shopping.


Having A Wedding To Remember

What makes weddings expensive isn’t so much the products or services involved in the event, but the element of outsourced care which goes into them. “Spare no expense” is often the mantra of the modern wedding. But sometimes this isn’t the best idea. Just remember, your wedding can be outstanding without causing financial tensions from the very beginning of your marriage. Buying the items needed for your wedding don’t have to put a huge hole in your pocket.  You can cut costs on just about everything from invitation, flowers, food, chairs, rental space, etc.

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