MyBumBum Shoes: Making a Girl feel Special

MyBumBum Shoes: Making a Girl feel Special

When I was a little girl, I’d get excited to go shopping with my mom. Not window shopping, but shopping for a specific purpose. As an adult I feel the same way – I only like to shop when I know what I’m shopping for.

My 9-year old daughter, Alijah, is the same way. She’s not interested in going to the store unless she’s looking for something specific. She’ll wear the same clothes and same pair of shoes all year round – cold weather or hot.

Courtney, however, got her love of clothes from someone else, because she certainly didn’t inherit that gene from me. She can shop for days, and even changes outfits two or three times a day. When she’s not changing her clothes she’s repurposing scarves, plastic grocery bags, and other odd items into her newest fashion creation.

But now, as the daughter of a blogger – and one who’s learned to appreciate shopping online versus shopping in person, she gets excited about the knock on the door from the mail or delivery person.

This package was no exception. She got to pick out a pair of sparkly shoes and she was expecting them to arrive within days of her “order”. When they finally came, she was jumping up and down from excitement!

About a week prior Courtney picked out a pair of shoes from bumbums baubles. She chose Lily Mary Jane – Pink Sparkle and even chose which dress she’d wear with them when they came.

I chose to order the shoes in a girl 1 and should have gone with the toddler 13 instead. But, no worries – she’ll definitely grow into them. The shoes are cute, and sparkly, and perfect! They’re totally for girly girls and Courtney was happy to wear them. The only problem we encountered was that we had a hard time attaching the bow to the shoes, which didn’t really make a difference since they’re made to be worn plain anyway. The attachments are cute though and can really make the shoes extra special for your little princess.

Courtney gives them an A+ and was excited to wear them to school during spirit week for dress up day. She was so adorable.



Disclaimer ~ Today’s Work at Home Mom received product to facilitate a review.  All opinions are 100% Monique’s and her daughter Courtney’s.



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