NannyPay Makes Paying Household Help Easier

NannyPay is making paying household help easier than ever. If you hire baby sitters, nannies, tutors, housekeepers or any type of household help you may notice how much it costs to use a third party service. Allow me to share with you how NannyPay  can help you save money and help you keep your expenses more organized.

NannyPay is making paying household easier than ever. Learn how you can save money while making easier to pay your sitters, housekeeper and other help.

Disclosure: We are partnering with NannyPay to help spread the news about their services and are being reimbursed for writing this article.

What is NannyPay ?

When you hire a babysitter, housekeeper or any kind of help for around your home, you want a secure and cost-effective way to pay.  That’s where NannyPay  comes in. It’s a payroll software designed especially for household employers.

It helps you calculate taxes, track non-taxable and taxable payments and deductions such as health insurance, mileage, etc. It creates a Schedule H (Household Employers) for your taxes. And, NannyPay, also, creates W-2 and W-3 forms.

There are options to even generate pay stubs or paychecks using compatible paycheck stock.

It Saves You Money

When you use third party payment systems to pay your babysitter or tutor, for example, the service charges you a fee. This adds up. Compared to $4700 of costs for using HomePay from to NannyPay over a five year period, you’d save $3995. That’s because NannyPay starts at only $149.95 per year. Plus you can save $25 with coupon code: WORKATHOME25.

Work Smart and Hire Help

Work from home moms become better in their work and better as a wife and mom when they dependable people to help them with daily tasks. If you could free up a few hours a week and put that toward your business, you’d not only make more income, but you could easily manage your help with NannyPay . Let’s use the example of a mother who manages a virtual assisting service. She is paid $30 -$50 an hour. Instead using her time to clean, she hires a housekeeper to help out 20 hours a week. That’s 20 hours she now has free to earn an additional $600 to 1000 per week! Yes,  part of that goes to pay the housekeeper, but she’s still earning more if she hadn’t hired any help. It’s called leveraging your time.

In conclusion, if you’re hiring household help or planning to: Download for a 30 day trial period today! NannyPay Save $25 with coupon code: WORKATHOME25

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