Pet Lovers Home Business Ideas

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Love being around dogs, cats, and other pets? Want to have a home business you love? Consider these pet lovers home business ideas. There are a lot of options out there if you like working with animals. Checking out the best home based businesses for pet lovers can help you discover a new way to make a living doing what you love.

Love being around dogs, cats, and other pets? Want to have a home business you love? Consider these pet lovers home business.

List of Pet Lover Home Business Ideas

Did you know that people spend over $60 billion a year on their pets? Or that almost 78 million dogs lived in homes across the U.S. in 2015? The popularity of the pet care marketplace combined with a love of animals makes these pet lovers home business ideas have great potential. One of the great pluses of having your own business is getting to choose what you want to do, matching it with your passions.

Pet Sitting

One of the best pet lovers home business is pet sitting. You spend time watching other people’s pets while they are away. The start-up costs as a pet sitter are low. You have a fairly flexible schedule. Many clients have you check in on pets in their homes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any set up in your home.

Pet Sitters, International is an organization to learn  about if you are interested in pet sitting as a business opportunity. Websites like,, and can help you in advertising your services. And don’t overlook pet sitting small pets or exotic pets, if you’re experience in their care. From fish to hamsters pet owners of small and exotic pets need sitters, too.

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Dog Walking

For many dog owners, they find it hard to get home during work hours to let out and walk their dog. Or for some, their pet needs more physical exercise than they are able to do themselves. This pet lovers home business is great because you can start small and build a client list as you go. Like pet sitting, you can market your services on the sites listed above.

Doggy Day Care

Another pet lovers home business is a doggie day care. In a doggie day care, you watch other people’s dogs while they work. You get to spend your day playing with and caring for the dogs, and at the end of the day they go home. Check with your local zoning commission, though, as they may have laws governing the amount of dogs you can have on your property. You’ll need to have a pet friendly space indoors for your day care and also a fenced yard for outside play.

Pet Bakery

01-recipesThis pet lovers home business combines your love of pets with baking.  Many recipes are available on the internet and in books for pet treats, food, and more. Some people have started making dry food for canines, and others create gourmet treats. This business offers flexibility. You can choose when to work and how to sell. Sell online or sell offline, too. Open a shop on or create your own website. Before you get started research the requirements to legally sell pet food products at AAFCO. To learn more about getting started get The Bake-A-Dog-A-Bone Start-Up Resource Guide: Click Here or Start Your Own Gourmet Dog Treat Business shown below.

Handmade Pet Products

If you like to craft or sew, then you can combine that with your love of animals. Making handmade products has many possibilities. There are clothes, costumes, collars, toys, beds, to name just a few. Many handmade pet product company choose a niche or specialize in products for one kind of pet. A pet lovers home business like this is very flexible. You can make it as small or expand it as much you like.

Pet Direct Sales Consultant

If you love dogs and cats regardless of if you are a pet parent, you can join an direct sales company like PawTree and be a PetPro.  Earn an income by sharing about an amazing company and product that is changing the way people think and shop for their pets.  Food, treats, toys, and accessories all of high quality for dogs and cats everywhere.

Pet Blog

Turn your love of pets into a blog. Pet bloggers share information about pet health, training, product reviews, and stories. You can make money through affiliate programs with companies like Amazon and Adsense. As you gain visitors to your blog, you can begin pitching to pet product companies to do sponsored posts. With these, you are paid a fee in exchange for writing a blog post and/or marketing through your social media accounts. Starting a pet blog even goes well with any of the business ideas mentioned above. A blog can help market your business and also build a new stream of income for your business.

Work From Home Blogging

If you love pets and love doing things for them, it only makes sense that you might want to have a career that involves pets. The best home based businesses offer you a chance to make a living doing what you love – caring for pets.



  1. These are some really great ideas Katharine! I have a friend who makes all of her own pet food (all-natural and healthy), :I told her she should sell it, it’s helped her dog so much. I used to make small dog toys at one time, just for fun. And I think pet blogging would be a very lucrative niche! 🙂

  2. Pet bakery! That’s a great idea! Isn’t it cool that you can create a business out of just about anything? Of course, I tell everyone to blog. 🙂 Great list!

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