Picture Perfect: 4 Ways to Photograph Your Home for a Realty Site

First impressions last a lifetime, and when you photograph your home to sell it this couldn’t more true. With nearly 90 percent of home buyers conducting online searches during the home finding process, the pictures they view play a huge role in determining if they wish to make an in-person appointment to view your home.

First impressions last a lifetime, and when you photograph your home to sell it this couldn’t more true. Here's some tips to help you sell your home.

Photograph Your Home To Sell

When selling your home, the first impression is generally the pictures. And, the better quality the photos online, the more likely you are to get interested and qualified buyers. Being able to capture the right angles show off the natural lighting. It helps to make your home look magnificent is necessary to advertise effectively online. There are a number of things sellers can do to make their homes look appealing. Below you’ll find a few of the most crucial ones. Here are just a few ways to make your desired first impression:

Bring Out the Natural Lighting

One of the first things home buyers notice when looking for their next home is the amount of natural lighting. Whether it involves the placement and number of windows, a skylight built into the roof or other ways that natural light can seep in, this is one vital thing for buyers.

Before taking pictures, open all blinds and curtains around the house for natural lighting. Relying solely on the flash of a camera makes for dark and often gloomy pictures that are sure to turn-off buyers. By bringing in as much light as possible, the photos that are taken will provide buyers with the bright first impression they are looking for in their next home.

Experiment with Angles

Getting the right angle for each shot can be difficult. Experimenting with different angles and positioning can help you identify which photos are best in showing off the beauty of your home. When taking pictures of the interior, consider standing in different corner positions that will make your home look more spacious. If taking pictures of the exterior, standing at angles can show buyers the depth of your home rather than the traditional straight-on photos that are taken. Either way you look at it, experiment by standing in different positions to see which work best.

Stage the Home Prior to Taking Photos

If you’re working with a top-rated real estate agent, staging the home is something they will encourage heavily. If you decide to contract a professional home staging company, be wary of potential incidents to ensure your homeowners insurance quotes aren’t impacted by their work. Even if you already have decor spread throughout the house, implementing a color scheme and theme through staging will help photos give home buyers a better first impression.

Staging your home requires more than just adding a few vases or hanging paintings. Making sure the home is clean and organize is another major component. Taking these steps prior to the photo shoot can do wonders in showcasing the beauty of your home to potential buyers.

Try to Avoid Eyesores

Nobody likes to see imperfections in photos, especially interested home buyers. Before taking photos to post online, try to cover up eyesores as much as possible. On the interior, things like small cracks in the walls, nail holes, or other factors that take away from the attractiveness of the home. On the exterior, eyesores can include awkwardly placed light poles or wires. Or, other aspects on the street that look out of place when looking at pictures.

Getting all the right shots when taking pictures of your home can be difficult. Taking the time to research and implement ideas that will make your home standout. Since these photos are often the first impression online searches will provide to home buyers, having high-quality shots that showcase your home will bring optimal results when selling your home.

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