Planning a Kid Friendly New Years Eve Party

Planning a Kid Friendly New Years Eve Party

Tell the babysitter to take the night off and make your New Years Eve party a family friendly place to be.

Here are a few things to insure that kids and fellow party goers have a great time at your shindig.

      • Get the kids involved. Prior to the event have your kids make the Invitations and Decorations; Noise Makers, Banners, Crowns/Hats, Etc.  Also, have them help you decide on a theme; Dance, Pajama, Karaoke, Black n’ White, Costume, Etc.

      • Plan out great food and drinks. Bite size are the best; Mini Pigs in a Blanket, Pita and Hummus, Chips N’ Dip, Mini Sandwiches, Mini Meatballs, Fruit and Veggie Trays. Make sure to have extra snacks for back up or for take home plates for guests. A punch bowl is a great go to drink, but don’t forget Sparkling Cider for kids and those who are not partaking in alcoholic beverages.

      • Set the mood. If you are having live music or an awesome play list be sure to add hits from every era to please a larger crowd. Or change it up and rent a Karaoke Machine. A lot of people enjoy watching the count down and ball drop on television, so leave a TV on mute.

      • Game on. If there will be video games being played make sure that they are kid friendly and playable by most party goers. Board games are classic. Playing a game of charades or pictionary can get everyone involved.

      • Avoid a scene. Don’t invite family members or friends that tend to get out of control after a drink or two. If you don’t need a babysitter for the kids then you don’t need one for rowdy adults. Also, have phone numbers handy of taxi services or bus schedules to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Sherbet Punch Recipe 


1 gallon bottle of Chilled Hawaiian Punch

1 (2 liter) Chilled Sprite or 7up

½ gallon Sherbet Ice Cream

In a punch bowl mix liquids, then add scoops any flavor of Sherbet Ice Cream on top. Serve and Enjoy!

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