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I vividly remember what I wore to both of my high school proms…one dress was actually a bridesmaid’s dress that I’d be wearing that summer in my brother’s wedding, and the other was chosen specifically to accentuate my hair, my eyes, even my date. It sparkled with sequins and was just a tiny bit sultry, being off the shoulder. I felt beautiful, and fancy, and loved every second of choosing the dresses and working my whole look around them.

Now, my daughters and my nieces are getting older and edging their way towards their own proms (though not too quickly, I hope). They also love to get dressed up, fix their hair, paint their nails and show off their inidividuality.

When it comes time to find them prom dresses, we’ll be looking somewhere with a lot of different styles, colors, and perhaps most importantly, price ranges, like JenJenHouse. Prom dress shopping online has come a long, long way.

When it comes to high school, I lean towards more modest dresses, but I also love that they can be fun and a little grown up (just like the high schoolers themselves). But some girls love the strapless styles or shorter hemlines and JenJenHouse has looks for all of those girls (and the approval of their moms).

One of my personal favorites, and one that I can see my oldest niece in, is this A-Line Princess Tulle and Chiffon dress with Sequins. The ocean blue color is gorgeous and the dress itself is classic but modern. It also comes in a variety of other colors to choose from, so you know that the one you get is the perfect shade.

prom dress

What’s more, not only can you choose a standard size, but JenJenHouse does custom sizing as well. So you know that the perfect prom dress your girl has picked out will fit her perfectly! But what I love the most is that there are so many different dresses to choose from that a girl knows she’s going to be one of a kind when she walks in the ballroom for her prom. And, they carry accessories and shoes so you never have to step foot in the mall (if you don’t want to).

Check out the dresses at JenJenHouse, and have fun!

This post is sponsored by Sverve, but my love of online shopping and playing dress-up is all my own.


  1. Pretty dresses – what’s not to love?
    I like that JenJen House has a Kate Middleton style section 🙂

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