Quick Tip Tuesday: Planning Ahead Your To-Do List

Today’s Quick Tip Tuesday is brought to us by Erin, a successful work at home mom with a jewelry business*. Her tip? Planning ahead your to-do list.

Quick Tip Tuesday: Planning ahead your to-do list

Erin’s advice is this: take 5-10 minutes before bed every night to plan your to-do list for the following day. Doing so will set your mind at ease because you’ll know what you need to do tomorrow, and it will, literally, be planned out.

The other fantastic thing about doing this is that because it’s already made, as soon as you wake up, you can hit the ground running. AND, she says, with small children, it’s hard to know when you’ll be able to be productive and actually get work done. Sometimes, your kids need extra cuddles or stay home from school sick, or generally mess up your schedule.

Planning ahead your to-do list gives you a very real idea of what you can do when you get 10-15 minute pockets of time between kid interruptions. While the toddler is eating lunch, you know exactly which phone call you should make. Is the baby napping? Finish your invoices or put in your orders. All of those little things add up to a productive day, and you don’t waste those precious few minutes wondering what you could be doing.

Quick Tip Tuesday!


*Check out Erin’s Premier business page at www.JewelryErin.com, access code: Erin.


  1. Good idea, Erin. I keep a To-Do list on my iPhone…and I am constantly updating it. If I don’t have it “written” down, I will never remember, and I’ll do things I later wish I’d waited on and done something more important I’d forgotten about. *giggle* Signs of middle age, I guess. 😉


  1. […] on their own! (I know a visual like that helps my kids a lot). Couple the timer with your specific to-do list, and you’ll get so much done in a day without feeling like you missed out on everything else! […]

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