Quick Tricks For Around The House

  • Grease the “Threads” on glue and nail polish bottles and they wont stick.

  • Ladies, if you use rubber gloves while cleaning. Try placing cotton balls in the finger tips to prevent holes from long fingernails.

  • When you are packing for a move use items from you linen closet; wash clothes, hand & bath towels, etc. to wrap all your dishes. This will eliminate waste of packing materials. Plus, when unpacking you can put away clean dishes and clean linens. Two jobs in one.

  • To fill your home with a pleasant aroma place a few drops of scented oil on a cotton ball and place it inside your vacuum cleaner. As you clean the carpets the air will begin to smell and will last for a long time after wards. Try oil of cinnamon, it will make your home smell like baked apple pie. 

  • Save money on razors. Take a medium mason jar, or any jar with a lid. Fill it with enough mineral oil to cover the head of your razor when you place it in the jar. Keep razor here after rinsing and using it. This will help lengthen the life of you razors.

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