Real Work at Home Jobs with Benefits – Bringing Traditional Jobs Home

Real work at home jobs do exist which is great news if you’re wanting to come home to work and not lose the perks of having a traditional job. Our series so far has covered two types of work at home jobs so far: Task Jobs and Contract Jobs. Those jobs are great if you are getting started as a work at home mom, just need some part time income, or enjoy the flexibility they offer. But there are some who need or want something more like an “outside of home” or traditional job. So what’s the difference? Let’s find out!

Every month more companies are moving from office based employees to work at home employees. Learn more about these real work at home jobs with benefits.

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Comparing Work at Home Jobs with Benefits with Jobs Away from Home

Sally applied for a position at a company as an office assistant. They offer her a salary with guaranteed number of hours and a benefits package. They also withdraw taxes, social security and her costs for health insurance. Her daily compute is 30 minutes one way. She ends up taking an hour or more daily to and from work, pays for car care and gas, daycare, and an office wardrobe.

Sue works for a company as a employee performing tasks similar to those Sally would be doing with the same benefits and hours. The difference is she works from her home office. Sue’s employer still withdraws all the necessary items from her pay, but she doesn’t have to compute to the office.

The Number of Real Work at Home Jobs is Growing

The reality is there are real work at home jobs with benefits. Companies are realizing more that allowing employees to work from home helps them to save money and increase productivity.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau the number of people working at least one day a week from home has increased 35% in the past decade (Journal Sentinel, 2013).

The number of jobs on the website FlexJobs has grown 36% in the first half of 2016. Now I can’t say all those jobs are with benefits but with over 40,000 companies hiring through FlexJobs there are bound to be a number that are.

With the tools of the internet, phone, computer, and conferencing employees can do the same job they did in the office, but from their home office. The challenge is in the past there are fewer numbers of these jobs in comparison to the other types of jobs we’ve been learning about in this series. Don’t let that discourage you from looking!

Companies are moving toward this type of work environment. My husband, for example, after working for the same company for over 20 years, now does the same job but from his office here at home. Same pay with benefits without the 40 minute commute.

Job Hunting Tips

Just as you would apply for a job outside the home treat your at-home job with the same professionalism. Evaluate your skills and experience. If you need to update your skills, look for free or paid sources locally and online. Create a polished resume and cover letter that grab’s the potential employer’s attention. If interviewing makes you nervous, practice with a friend and research interview tips online.

Read the details of job listings. They often include if the job is remote (meaning you work from home). Use search terms when browsing job boards and corporation job pages such as “work remotely”, “work at home”, “telecommute”.  Keep a record of when and where you apply to so you can follow up with later. Follow work at home websites on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and by Email to keep updated on the latest job listing found.

If you are currently working at job outside the home, consider asking about working away from the office. Present this with a list of why it would be a positive move for the company. Another solution that some companies have started is allowing employees to work in office part time and at home the rest of work week.

Pro’s and Con’s of  Real Work at Home Jobs with Benefits

One of big pro’s of this type of jobs is insurance benefits and retirement savings package in which the employee matches part of the amount put into it. Another is a sense of stability that traditional jobs provide. You aren’t entrepreneurial by nature, a job like this may fit you better. You know your income, your work hours, and what is expected of you.

The problems with traditional jobs is you have a earning ceiling. Once you hit the top of your field in that company, you can’t expect to ever earn much more unless you can move into management. Also, they are still managing your schedule. For someone who needs flexibility, it may be harder to make a job like this work. If you are on the phone a lot, quiet is needed. That can create problems with little ones and pets about the house.

If you feel a real work at home jobs with benefits is your ideal job then you can always adjust your lifestyle to fit it. Instead of paying for the commute and daycare, hire a nanny to help with the kiddos while you work. Create a home office space you can shut off with a door from any noise and commotion. You and your little ones can still benefit from you being home, but now you’re earning what you would outside the home but saving a ton.

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