Relax at Home with a Game of Bingo

Life is busy, winter is coming, and being that I work from home I like to stay in my lounging clothing as much as possible.  Why bother putting on tight fitting jeans, when I sit at my desk all day, clean the house, do laundry, cook meals, run up and down stairs making candles, vacuuming, etc.   Why?   Why bother getting all dressed up to be at home.

Just because I am at home all day some might think that I would like to get out in the evenings.  No, not me.  I am a homebody and enjoy my home so I like to do things here.  Hubby on the other hand likes to go as much as possible.  It is always a battle on his days off.  Him wanting to go, me wanting to stay. LOL!  Tis life, right ?  Well when I win, that means we get to stay home and do what I like to do, play games.   I love many kinds of games, but online games are my favorite, especially online bingo. I grew up helping my Grandparents run the local bingo night and love playing bingo for money.  Nothing better than spending a few bucks for some relaxing fun and walking away with a few more bucks than you started with.   I always seemed to do pretty good back then.

Well, did you know you can play bingo online and right from your comfy computer chair to boot!   Luckity is an online bingo site where players create a secure account, deposit funds, purchase bingo game packs and play.  Cash bingo game prizes and winners are determined by the outcomes of live horse races taking place worldwide.  So, if you love watching those horse races now you can get in on the action right from home.  All the info is at their site, check it out. Luckity is the only legal website in the US that offers bingo players a chance to win real cash prizes.

Wanna join me in my bingo fun ?  For all my readers who join, and add money to their account and play will receive a $15 credit.  Players must deposit and play a minimum of $10 to receive the $15 FREE.  The FREE $15 must be played.   Players may keep any winnings from the $15.   And, all who register will also receive an entry to a $100 sweepstakes.   Sweet!!   Use this code uii47 when you join to get your FREE $15. ~ need to input the code during registration.

Now, let’s stay home, in our loungwear, and play some BINGO!!!VCB-Cash-4-1[3] VCB-Clover-12-4[3]






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