Rescued from Dirty Floors by Shark® Ionflex™ 2X Duoclean™ Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum

I confess my dirty floors were giving me grief. After moving to our new home three years ago, I got my first experience of having wood floors in our living room and kitchen. It was soon realized what struggles I would have trying to keep these floors clean.

I confess my dirty floors were giving me grief. After moving to our new home three ago I had trouble keeping them clean until I got my Shark Ionflex Vacuum.

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The Dirty Floor Blues

I’m an average homemaker meaning I have a lot of chores around the house. And, I don’t like having to do them everyday. There’s too much going on as a work at home mom and wife to keep up with daily cleaning. But when we moved into our new house, I realized that our floors were going to give me some trouble. Floors aren’t at fault; I don’t blame them. All they do it lay there and look pretty letting us tromp over them, leaving crumbs and pet hair behind. The targets of my dislike were my cleaning tools which consisted of a broom, washable dust mop, vacuum and steam mop.

You know it’s embarrassing when you turn on the ceiling fan and cat hair rolls across your floor like a tumbleweed in the desert! I would grab my dust mop and chase after the fur. But leave dust behind along the trim. Fur loves to collect itself under the furniture and attach itself to the legs. The floor mop sometimes left more fur behind on the legs then was there before I mopped! And, our vacuum was another story.

A Vacuum That Sucked (and not in the good way)

When we moved in we’d bought a new vacuum. It was your average vacuum and worked much better than our old one. But it didn’t last. Within a year we had to replace it. Our next vacuum burned out within three months and got a replacement. It’s crazy because it’s not like we have a house full of dogs or long haired cats. It’s only two cats and three adults in our home. The third vacuum worked, but it had a big flaw in the engineering. Dust, hair, etc. jams up around the belt requiring us to take it apart and clean it out every month or so. I’m not sure what designer thought that was acceptable. I was in urgent need of a good vacuum that would clean our wood floor, clean our carpets, and not make me need multiple cleaning tools to keep my floors cleaned.

The Shark® Ionflex™ 2X Duoclean™ Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum

Shark/Ninja asked me to try out their Shark® Ionflex™ 2X Duoclean™ Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum. Knowing how frustrated I was with our current vacuum I accepted. And, I am very glad I did! Upon  receiving our new Shark vacuum, I charged the first battery or two that come with the vacuum. The vacuum was very easy to assemble. I wanted to test its power to clean. First I vacuumed my hall and bed room carpets with our old vacuum. Then I went over the carpet with the Shark® Ionflex™ 2X Duoclean™ Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum. It was surprising how much more dust, hair and debris it picked up that the old vacuum left behind!

Yuck this was hiding in our carpets AFTER I’d cleaned with our ordinary vacuum! That’s a lot of ick left behind!


The Shark® Ionflex™ 2X Duoclean™ Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum is lightweight so it doesn’t make my arms tired when I clean.  The battery stays charged enough for all my floors. But, it has an second one if you need it, especially when you use the deep cleaning mode.  Both my wood and carpeted floors have never been cleaner since we moved in.  Additionally, using the different attachments, it sweeps up pet hair on furniture and dust from other surfaces. It works as a stand up or a hand vacuum. And, it’s super easy to empty. I have to stay that in 33 years of being a homemaker I’ve never had a vacuum as good at this one is. You will feel the same when you Shark® Ionflex™ 2X Duoclean™ Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum for yourself! Included with the vacuum is:

  • DuoClean® Technology 
  • MultiFLEX Technology 
  • 2 ION Power Pack Batteries  
  • Double Charging Dock
  • Charging Cord
  • Duster Crevice Tool 
  • Pet Multi-Tool
  • Bonus: MultiFLEXUnder-Appliance Wand Features a flexible elbow to clean under and behind appliances and hard-to-move furniture.
  • 5-year VIP warranty for vacuum & 2-year VIP warranty for battery



  1. This sounds like an amazing vacuum!!!! <3

  2. I have a cat, a dog, a ferret and 2 kids. Enough said. I need this!

    • It’s so easy to use for pet and kid messes. I just grab it and go to work. No cords, no lugging a heavy vacuum around.

  3. I NEED this vacuum. I got a new one last year and it is not as good as I hoped it would be.

    • That how we were with our last vacuums. They were very disappointing. Especially when we started having to the silly thing apart to remove packed in dirt and hair where the belt is.

  4. Wow! That’s crazy how much it was able to get out of your carpets.

  5. This vacuum sounds absolutely amazing! I am definitely needing to update mine and this is a serious contender!

  6. This looks amazing – we have so much dog fur!

  7. This sounds amazing! My home after the new year will definitely need it! 🙂

    • I absolutely love this vacuum. I vacuum every single day, and sometimes 2 times a day. I have a dog that sheds 24/7, and dog hair drives me crazy 😉

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