Revive Your Wardrobe with 7 Charming Sisters Jewelry

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Need to revive your wardrobe? Is it feeling out of date or just plain blah looking? Jewelry is a solid way to rev up those boring outfits. Thanks to 7 Charming Sisters I got some beautiful jewelry to review in exchange for sharing about them with you! And, my my, I was not disappointed with the style and craftsmanship of their jewelry!

Revive Your Wardrobe

Periodically it’s good to take a close look at your wardrobe. Spend time looking over each piece. Which items do you need to toss because it’s worn? What pieces no longer fit? Is your closet stuffed with clothing you never wear? It’s time to sort your clothes. Make a pile of what is worn out, another of what doesn’t fit and a third of what you never wear. Now you’re left with what really fits well and looks good on you. Put outfits together. You can make a list of items you’re missing to fill in blanks in your wardrobe.

Time to Accessorize

Now that your outfits are arranged, you can shop for some great jewelry to make your outfits go some so-so to yes! What I love about shopping for jewelry and accessories online is that I can open up the shop on my tablet or computer with all my clothes laid out. 7 Charming Sisters has some neat ways to find what you need. They have a fun quiz you can take to find pieces that fit your personality. Or use the search options to find the perfect necklace to match your blue top.

I had a colorful top with no necklace to match it. 7 Charming Sisters‘ Bombay Necklace matched the colors perfectly! Or if I want some more simple I can wear the Date Night Necklace. Plus, either of these will bright up any plain black or white blouse, too. I love the long length of the lariat style chain – 40 inches. And, you’ll going to love the gold shine accenting the gorgeously cut stones.

Priced Right

You’ll find the prices as 7 Charming Sisters affordable. They often have items on sale for as low as $7! You can find this kind of quality for that price anywhere in a store. I would compare the craftsmanship of their jewelry to that of a high-end department store but priced less. It makes a lot easier to afford some new pretty clothes plus the accessories to make your style come alive again. Plus, you won’t feel so guilty for spending a little money on yourself, mom! You deserve to look pretty, even if you work from home. Save 15% on regular priced items with coupon code: WorkAtHomeMom15 @  7 Charming Sisters.

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