Snow Day Survival for a Busy Mom

snow-daySnow Day Survival for a Busy Mom

You plan, prep and work hard to keep a schedule.  But hey, snow days happen.  With a full day of work to do at home, the weather turns and schools close.  Now along with a mountain of work to be done you have your little ones to entertain. We have all been there.  Here are a few things to help your kids burn off there energy, without burning out yours.

Building Forts.  Let your kids bring in empty boxes, sofa cushions, blankets, pillows whatever they need for building an ultimate fort.  Too tired to clean up, have a camp in and let them sleep the night away in there fortress.

Homemade Bird Feeders.  Give them some string and a giant bowl of popcorn.  They can string the popcorn themselves, when the weather improves send them outside to hang them in the trees.

Snowflake Art.  Let your kids fold, cut out and decorate snowflakes.  Tell them to go around and decorate the house for the season.

Put them to work.  Make a list of chores; each chore can have a 1-5 star rating system.  Let them choose the ones they would like to do.  Who ever has the most stars at the end gets a prize.  Its always good to have a few new toys around for prizes.

Sock Puppet Show.   Save all those unmatched socks.  Let them decorate socks with markers, glue and googly eyes.  Then have them decorate an empty box to look like a stage.  After dinner they can entertain the whole family with a sock puppet show.

sock puppet

Paint The Snow.  Fill a couple of squirt guns with water and food coloring.  Bundle them up and ship them outside to turn the snow in your yard into works of art.  This is a lot of fun!!

Cook Together.  Have your kids help you make lunch and dinner.  No matter how complex a dish might be there is always a job for them.  From stirring, flipping, measuring ingredients.  They will love being your little helper.

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