How to Start Off Strong in a New Business

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I went to college to be a high school teacher.  I was taught, trained, and educated on how to do that job.  I was given many opportunities to practice it before I actually had to do it all by myself.

Four children and ten years later I found myself in front of a new job working in network marketing.  There was no college course to pass before I started.  No practicing.  It was sink or swim!   Jump or fall!  Hit the ground running or watch from the sidelines!  As fate would have it, I found myself amongst the best of the best.  The leaders of our company are my up-line and I was able to learn from them.  Very quickly! So today, I’m going to share my guidance on how to start off strong in a new business.

how to start off strong in a new business

I was able to get a handle on what I had gotten myself into with just a few key tips:

1 – WHY?  I quickly created my why.  Why had I decided to join take advantage of this once in a lifetime business opportunity?  There is no right or wrong reason but there needs to be a reason.  That reason can change as you grow your business.  Your why will be the reason to keep going when you’re not sure you did the right thing.  When the doubt creeps in, go to the why!

2 – Enthusiasm and confidence!  Right away, announce to your friends and family what you are doing.  You are so excited to share your new business opportunity and you can’t wait to tell them all about it!  In my particular company, Rodan + Fields, we have many success stories to use as examples.  Whether it’s a nurse that retired her husband, a stay-at-home Mom that’s supporting mission trips, or an already successful business owner that saw the power in partnering with our DRs…. The stories are out there to be used while you create your own success story!

3 – Create a list.  For me, it was a list of everyone I knew with skin!  Whatever the product or business you need a network.  You need a dream team of names that you think would be awesome as business partners.  You need to grow your social network contacts.  Create a list and grow that list every day.  Use that list and go back to #2!

4 – Goals.  Not just empty goals like I want to make a lot of money.  Instead use a method I taught my high school students… SMART goals.  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time bound.  I encourage my new team members to have 1 short term SMART goal (first 30 days) and 1 longer term SMART goal (6 months).

5 – Get organized.  It’s easier to start organized than it is to organize all of your unorganized stuff.  Everything from business card contacts to receipts for tax purposes.  Have folder, binders, notebooks, hi-liters… whatever helps you stay on top of things.  I’m a teacher at heart and there’s nothing more exciting than new school supplies!  Binders, pens, dividers, clean notebooks!  It’s worth the trip to the office store to feel ready to go!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly I believe a good attitude can get you anywhere.  I coach my team on two things: patience and faith.  I am full of faith, the patience department lacks a bit.  However I fully believe that it’s not a question of IF it’s going to happen.  Instead it’s a question of WHEN it’s going to happen.  I have been disappointed, discouraged, even hurt but I always keep moving forward.  I have faith that I am creating my success and am patient enough to let it happen when it’s supposed to!

Jamie Walker is a work-at-home Mama of four little people ages 7 and under.  She has always enjoyed teaching and helping others reach their goals. Jamie is a Level 4 Executive Consultant with Rodan + Fields.  When she’s not working with her team to help them grow she’s trying to convince her husband she needs to hire a maid… oh and someone to deliver Starbucks on demand!  Connect with Jamie on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Starting off strong in a new business


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