Stay in Touch with Your Loved Ones

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Republic Wireless for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Remember back when all we had was land lines?  Or like me, I remember even having a party line where we shared our phone line with our neighbor.  Or how about having to pay a rediculous price to call someone long distance.  Staying in touch with family and friends was hard to do because it would cost a ton of money.

Well, I for one love how times change and love that we now all (for the most part) have cell phones.   I am all about technology, and change for the better.   I know for some they think that it is less personal to be texting or emailing, but in all reality it is faster and can be done whenever.

Finding affordable phone plans can be a challenge.  Just like when we used to have to pay a bunch of money to call someone long distance, some cell phone bills can be outrageous in price.  Well not with Republic Wireless.  Low cost plans of only $19 a month.  What can one get for only $19 a month you say?  You get all the talking, texting and surfing you can handle. And you get those things without a contract, without limits and without overages. Now that’s a smartphone plan that’s just smart!

This is perfect for everyone!!  We are looking at getting my mother in law a phone so she can ditch her land line and this is a perfect phone plan for her.   And my sister has kids and they all want phones, but they can’t afford most cell plans so this is perfect for them too.   So, phones for everyone!!  Yeah!!

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