Stay Organized With Home Office Accessories

Working at home means having to stay organized, so you don’t end up with Doc McStuffins coloring pages where you should have a copy of this month’s invoices. Whether or not you’re working in a dedicated office space or tucked in a corner of a family area like a dining room or open kitchen, having the right office accessories will save you time when you sit down to work. Organizing a home office often takes a few attempts, because different things work for different people. Start with these seven home office accessories — they’re stylish, functional, and won’t take up too much space.

home office must-haves

Start with a desk calendar

A large desk calendar can be a lifesaver for work-at-home moms. Even if you use an electronic calendar, seeing deadlines and tasks on paper helps many women organize their time and avoid double booking on important days. Try the bloom daily planner desk calendar pad in blue and pink chevron (Amazon, $13).

Desk Calendar
Stay inspired with a French memo board

A memo board, like the Hanging Fabric Wall Memo Board, is the perfect place to gather the things that inspire your work (Amazon, $20). Tuck in business cards of people you’ve been meaning to contact, your favorite inspirational quote, a note about a project you’re working towards, or even a photo that helps you feel less stressed and more centered.


Home Office Collection French Memo Board

Choose the right file folders

They’re a small thing, but choosing the right file folders will help keep your papers organized. The Semikolon Striped Vertical File Folders come in eight different color combinations — the pink and orange is fabulous — and have a reinforced vertical side to protect your files (Amazon, $8 for 6). Vertical file folders are useful because they tuck neatly into organizers like magazine holders or wall systems.

Semikolon Striped Vertical File Folders

Magazine files keep your workspace neat

Magazine files help you organize any workspace without taking up too much room on your work surface. You can go with a solid form and hide everything away or choose a decorative holder, like the Design Ideas Vinea Magazine File/Holder (Amazon, $20). It comes in white or black, letting you choose your favorite way to tuck in actual magazine, file folders, or old homework papers your kids can’t seem to keep off your desk.

Design Ideas Magazine File Holder

A divided organizer keeps small things in place

A desk organizer or hanging wall organizer helps corral small items like binder clips, business cards, letters, and pens. The Design Ideas Magnetic Divided Bin can sit atop your work space or attach to the wall (Amazon, $11).

Design Ideas Divided Bin

Small notebooks keep your thoughts in order

A simple notebook is a working mom’s secret weapon. Tuck it into a bag on the way out the door, and you don’t have to worry about wi-fi access or draining your phone battery. Keep shopping lists, notes about school, and project priorities all in one place. Moleskine notebooks are popular options — they’re lined, inexpensive, and come in all sorts of colors and sizes (Amazon, $12).

Moleskine Large Notebook

Pick the perfect pen

Gel pens roll smoothly, come in fun colors, and make writing longhand just a little more fun. When you’re used to spending your days typing, having the perfect pen makes your writing neater and more comfortable. Pilot’s Acroball pens come in a four-pack of fabulous colors (Amazon, $10).

Pilot Acroball Colors Pens

What are your favorite home office accessories?

Angela Amman is a busy work at home mom of two, juggling her blog, her job as a Listen To Your Mother-Metro Detroit co-producer/director, author/publisher, and various freelance writing gigs.

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  1. Great ideas, Angela. I have magazine holders, pen holders, and small-ish boxes for all the other knick knacks – though a desk organizer actually sounds more like what I need. 🙂

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