Staying Fit in the Summer

Staying fit in the summer can be tough to do. The weather is H-O-T HOT most places, the kids are home from school, there are camps and activities to shuttle everyone to, and did I mention it’s HOT?

There are ways to stay active, though. Here are a few:

staying fit in the summer

1) Use your time wisely: if you’re a runner or play tennis or some other outdoor sport, do it during the coolest part of the day. Usually that means early in the morning, but it could also be at dusk or in the evening if where you’re going is well-lit. Always remember to stay safe, though! Carry your phone, stay in lighted areas, keep focused on what’s going on around you, and go with a buddy if you can.

2) Remember to dress appropriately when you’re out running or exercising outside…your body heats up quickly. Wear light, wicking fabrics so the sweat won’t stay against your skin and make you even more uncomfortable. A headband or visor can help keep the hair and sweat off of your face, but a hat isn’t necessarily a good idea….it can trap the heat on your head and make you even hotter.

3) STAY HYDRATED. This is so, SO important. The more you sweat, the more water you lose and the more you need to take in. A great tip is to freeze a water bottle. It will keep you cool while you hold it, and it will melt as you run or exercise, keeping you hydrated. And use an electrolyte tab or drink before or after your workout to replace what you lost.

4) Take advantage of the gym. It can be a nice, cool place to get your workout in, and if it has childcare, you can take the whole family. It can also help keep you from getting bored, with the variety of equipment and classes offered.

5) Swim! Swimming is such good exercise. It’s low impact but fantastic for the heart and muscles. And the best part? It’ll keep you cool. Some gyms even have different aqua classes that you can take, like water aerobics, lazy rivers, and deep end classes. Get double the workout if you’re at the beach and can run or walk on the sand and then swim to cool off.

6) Grow a garden. Not only will you have fresh produce and/or flowers to enjoy, you’ll work hard to keep it up. Weeding, digging, and planting all burn a lot of calories.

What are your favorite ways to stay active in the summer?

Thanks so much to the ladies in the Mamavation Facebook group that contributed to this article!


  1. This is a fabulous list.
    I never knew until I tried gardening just how much stretching and lifting would be involved. I call it a sneaky workout 🙂
    Outdoor workouts will take place in the early mornings, or late evenings. It gets ridiculously hot around here.

  2. Staying hydrated is so important! I love working out early in the morning in the summertime. It’s tough once it gets later in the day. I’m not one to do well in humidity, so I’m looking forward to utilizing my gym membership this summer!

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