Stealing Moments for You

Working from home means that you never leave the office. If you’re like me and you have your email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on your phone, you really never leave. Then, as is the nature of a work-at-home-parent, there’s your 24/7 job of, well, being a parent.

My for-pay job(s) has me on the computer or phone for what seems like hours on end. And the kids? Well, they seem to always want to eat or play a game.

Stealing moments for yourself feels like a laughable non-option. It’s not.



  1. Turn off the phone and close the computer. Set times for yourself to be “on” and “off.” I try to make sure that I’m “off” by 9 pm if possible. This gives me a chance to actually look my husband in the face instead of barking our conversation over our kids’ heads.
  2. If the weather is nice enough, get outside. My boys love to be outside right before lunch. We take a walk to our post office (about a block down the road) and then draw or swing. While they are playing happily, I have time to let my mind wander.
  3. Prioritize your to-do list. My list seems to be never-ending. As soon as I think I have made it through, I remember about three other things to add to the list. This makes me look closely and work on the biggest issues first. What is due soonest? I take care of those first and still meet my 9 pm deadline. Otherwise, I could sit at the computer without moving for the better part of any day.
  4. Take a shower. This sounds really silly, but if your house is anything like mine, going to take a shower is one way I can guarantee about fifteen to twenty minutes of alone-time. It’s after I take the actual shower that I might sit in my bathroom and work on my nails or straighten the counter.
  5. Get to sleep at a decent hour. I know it’s tempting to stay up really late and get more work done. Believe me — I’m guilty of this one. But just five extra minutes that I swear I’m going to spend doing just one small task always leads to another five minutes and another. Next thing I know, I’ve found myself hitting the pillow at midnight.
  6. Find a way to hang out with your BFF. I have one very close friend, and she’s as busy as I am. We try really hard to get out to eat once in a while so we can catch up without kids or husbands bugging us. Mommy needs a chance to talk to real adults about her favorite topics, too!

What ways do you try to steal some peace and freedom just for you?


  1. Wonderful advice! Taking time for yourself and lowering your stress levels are very helpful to you and your children – even if it doesn’t seem like it directly affects them. Children are very sensitive to stress in their parents, and this is a perfect list of ways to lower your stress and help lower theirs at the same time.

  2. I am guilty as well of staying up too late at night and always kicking myself for it in the morning! With the warmer weather, getting outside more is easier though which I love!

  3. Some weeks it comes down to locking the bathroom door for 5 minutes! But every moment I can get some me-time, be it 10 minutes before sleep, or 20 minutes have a nice cuppa coffee and prayer after the kids leave for school, it’s a must do on a regular basis. If not daily, then at least a few times a week.

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