Stocking Stuffer Round Up


If you have landed here it is because you followed my link I posted on Facebook or Twitter to be included in our Stocking Stuffer Round Up and Giveaway.

Today’s Work at Home Mom is putting together a Stocking Stuffer Guide this year instead of a Holiday Gift Guide.   This will be 1 post, with a list of the best items to fill a Woman’s Christmas Stocking.

The post will go live on December 4th, 2013 and the Giveaway will end on December 13th 2013.  That will give me time to get the prize to the winner by Christmas.

Do you want to promote your business and products in this Stocking Stuffer Giveaway and Round Up?

To join in there are 2 options.

1 ~ Send me 2 items.  ( I choose them).   I will pick out what item I feel would be a good fit for the Stocking Stuffer Giveaway.   You ship both items to me.   One of the items is for the giveaway prize stocking, and the other is mine to keep as the compensation for the advertising you will receive.

2 ~ Send me an item of your choice (must be $15 -$20 value), that will be used for the giveaway prize stocking and submit a payment to me thru Paypal for $10 which is my compensation for the advertising you will receive.

Interested?  Drop me a message and let me know what option you choose, and the link to your website.    I will only allow one rep per company, so don’t hesitate… jump on this now.

email to todaysworkathomemom  at gmail dot com