Summer Birthday Party Ideas

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Summer birthday parties are a blast, but sometimes it’s hard to think of new, fun ideas that kids and adults will all enjoy. The beauty of summer birthdays is that there are so many different things to do and themes to try (how many Frozen birthday parties can a kid go to, anyway?). Here’s a round up of some of the best summer birthday party ideas:

1. A water party

When it’s hot out and you want to save money but you don’t want everyone in your house, take it outside and get them wet!

Four ideas for a fun water-filled summertime birthday party


2. Camping

Whether your party supplies and decor are camping-themed or you have an actual, overnight camp out, stock up on the S’mores and set up a tent (or two!).

3. Watermelon-palooza

Everybody loves the cool, refreshing treat and they’re easy to find in the grocery stores. But you don’t have to cut up a watermelon and stop there! Make these super cute watermelon cupcakes, grab some pink, black, and green party plates, napkins, and cups have fun!

watermelon cupcake for a watermelon-themed summer birthday


4. Ocean Love

That’s Vandy has the cutest ocean-themed party up on her blog, complete with costumes, decor, games, and food! And what goes better with the summer heat, water, and kids besides all things ocean?

the best summer birthday party themes

5. Fiesta!

See Vanessa Craft has a site chock-full of fun tutorials, crafts, and party ideas, including a whole series on fiesta party goodies! What’s great about a fiesta is that you can really mix and match bright, vibrant colors, so it’s easy to find the supplies you need.

the best summer birthday party ideas

6. Rainbow Party

Another easy party to put together is a rainbow party. Food, decorations, and dessert center around the colors of the rainbow. You can even make one of the super popular (especially on Pinterest) rainbow cakes, or just bake up some different colored cupcakes or use white frosting and sprinkles. Easy peasy!

7. Night time Fireworks extravaganza!

If the birthday is close to the fourth of July and city/county laws allow it, have a party at night. Decorate with red, white, and blue, eat berries, grill, and shoot of some fireworks! Bonus: the temperature will be getting lower by the time it gets dark.

8. Fish plus Favorite Snacks: Goldfish Party

See Vanessa Craft also has a super fun Goldfish party tutorial. Combine everybody’s favorite snack and the ever-popular water theme, and you’ve got this adorable summer birthday party idea.

summer birthday party ideas


Whatever you choose as your summer birthday party theme, use it as a jumping off point and head to Pinterest for more fun details!


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