Teach Kids the Value of Money

Kids these days seem to think that money grows on trees.  Ok, maybe not just kids these days but it seems that the younger generation just thinks that parents are rich and can buy them whatever they want.   I know when I was growing up that is what I thought.  But, my folks didn’t really let us kids know how bad their finances were until we got a little older.  My Mom would go without so that us kids could get the latest cool barbie, or music cassette (yes, I am that old), or clothes.  It wasn’t until I was older and I really realized that a kid should have to have some responsibilities in earning money to pay for the things that they want so they learn about the value of a buck.

When I was 15 I got a job at a local grocery store and also did some baby-sitting for local people.   I enjoyed earning my own money, and when it came to spending it I learned fast that it left my pocket faster than it was put in there.   I learned there were things I wanted that I needed and things I wanted that I didn’t need.  That is a lesson that I have tried to instil in my son all his life.   My son has always had chores he needed to do to earn a buck.  And, he also learned fast as he watched me sell stuff online that when you are done using an item that you once wanted you can sell it because someone else might want it.   I introduced him to selling online and he fell in love and does it all that time. Not that he is 21, he is thankful for what I have shown him.

There are so many places online to sell your unused items.   For kid, they generally have lots of video games, dvd’s, and cd’s laying around they no longer play, watch or listen too.   So, when teaching your kids about the value of earning their own money tell them about musicMagpie and how they can turn unused items into cash.  I am sure if your kids are like mine, they have a ton of goodies they can sell.   It will make them feel great to clear out their stash, and fill their pockets full of money.

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    Teach Kids the Value of Money – Todays Work at Home Mom

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