The Importance of Keeping Your Online Reputation Professional

Your online reputation is important. Just like your reputation in the real world, it’s going to follow you around. People judge you on your reputation both online and off, and a negative reputation can haunt you.

Getting a New Job


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Even if you aren’t looking for a new job now, you need to think about your future. Your online reputation is going to play a big role in your job search. At least 37% of hiring managers check social media profiles before deciding on a potential candidate. This means that if your Facebook profile is public, any hiring managers will see what you have posted.

So, what are these hiring managers looking for? In a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, 65% of hiring managers said that they wanted to see if you present yourself in a professional way. In addition, 12% are specifically looking for reasons not to hire you.

Keeping Your Current Job

There are also concerns about keeping a job you have now. If you complain too much about your job or coworkers on social media, it’s likely that you can get in trouble.

Many HR departments and managers today check their employees Facebook and Twitter accounts. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that you keep your account as professional as possible. Don’t talk about partying or illegal activities. Posting inappropriate pictures is never a good idea. On top of this, bashing coworkers is never smart.

Showing a Good Face


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Remember, your online reputation is the face you show the world on the Internet. Head to one of the search engines and look up your name. What do you find? Are there pictures that you forgot you had, that aren’t very flattering? Did you have an old account on a message board that you made derogatory comments on?

These things can hold you back. You need to make sure that you show a good face, and knowing if there are negative things with your name attached is crucial.

Fix Your Reputation

If your online reputation isn’t as clean or professional as you’d like, take a stand. Do something about it. Consider working with a company that can help you clean it up, and check out BVP profile. Make sure that you take the proper steps to get rid of any negative information. It can hurt you in the long run if you don’t have a good, professional online reputation.

Don’t Have an Online Presence?

Some people are nervous about having online profiles, such as Facebook or Twitter. They’ve heard about these possible problems, and so stay away from social media and other accounts that will give them any online reputation. However, this can be just as detrimental. If a hiring manager can’t find you online at all, they’re going to wonder why.

If you want to be perceived as a professional person, you need to portray yourself as such. Make sure that you keep your online reputation as clean and professional as possible.



  1. Good points, thank you Sheila. Today you can hardly separate your digital life from your professional life, our offline identity and online identity tend to be on the same side. So it’s a must to be build your online reputation to boost your personal and corporate brand. There are now plenty of ways to manage your reputation online for free, one of which is by creating a strong and professional profile online and also by optimizing your presence on LinkedIn. The most important thing is to handle social media in the right way, never create content or pictures of yourself that you don’t want the world to see.

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