Top five Christmas money-saving tips

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Top five Christmas money-saving tips
If you’re a little short of cash this year, you can still enjoy the festive season without going over your budget. Christmas doesn’t have to be an expensive time, so take a look at these money-saving tips and hold onto your hard earned cash.
Look for deals on the internet
One of the best ways to cut the cost of Christmas is to look for deals on the internet. Thanks to voucher code website, you can get access to some of the best offers around – and have everything delivered to your door for free. Many sites will also send out complimentary vouchers after you make a purchase, so it’s definitely worth seeing what’s out there. If you plan to buy expensive items electronically, it’s a good idea to put them on a low interest rate credit card in order to avoid extremely high charges.
Write down what you want to buy
Without a Christmas list, it can be easy to get carried away and overspend – especially when there are so many lovely things available these days. To stop this from happening, think carefully about what you want to buy each person and write your ideas down. Once you have a final draft, take it with you wherever you go and tick the items off when you make a purchase. If you can’t afford to buy for everyone, think about setting up a secret Santa gift exchange and look for something nice for a friend or relative. Not only will this save you money, but you won’t have to spend hours wrapping presents.
Get creative and make what you can
Christmas is the perfect time to get creative, so get hold of come felt-tipped pens and glitter and make your own holiday cards. Show your loved ones how well you can draw, trace and sketch and have fun designing your very own festive characters. This is a great activity to do with the whole family and is the perfect way to brighten up a wet and windy weekend. If a little arts and crafts leaves you feeling inspired, you could even decorate plain, cheap baubles or spray pine cones a variety of colours, as these look great in a glass bowl. It’s certainly convenient buying things from shops, but it’s often nowhere near as much fun.
Ask everyone to do the cooking
If you’re worried about the cost of knocking up a festive feast, you could always invite a group of people round on the big day and ask them all them all to bring a different course. If you’re good at cooking turkey and roast potatoes, for instance, offer to do the main and ask someone else to make a Christmas cake or bring the starters. This will take the pressure off you as a host and will help split the cost. If you can’t get people to go along with this idea, ask them all to contribute to the price of food or go out to a reasonably priced restaurant, where you can just pay for what you eat and drink.
Make the most of Air Miles
Did you apply for a credit card online without the hope of earning Air Miles? If so, check how many you have accumulated over the year and see if you can put them towards a winter getaway. You might be able to spend the festive season lapping up the sun in a foreign land, so don’t forget to check what you’re entitled to. Many travel cards also give you money off hotels, transfers and airport parking and will help you get the most of your holiday without breaking the bank.
Saving money is not as difficult as you may think, so try to make a few cutbacks this year.



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