Top tips for creating the perfect nursery

Top tips for creating the perfect nursery

For expectant parents, the months leading up to the birth of a child can be an exciting and emotional time. There will be a lot that has to be done before your new bundle of joy arrives – including setting up the nursery.

Creating the perfect nursery can be a lot of fun for parents-to-be. But it can also be a bit tricky – after all, you’re creating a bedroom for somebody you haven’t yet met. What will his or her favorite color be? Will he or she prefer giraffes or zebras? In fact, you might not even know if you’re having a boy or a girl.

With so much to learn about your new arrival, parents may worry about whether the new baby will like their room. However, the best way to approach the project is to create a space that you like and which is cozy and calming. If the room is a tranquil space where you feel at ease, your baby will sense this and feel comfortable as well.

•       Choose a color scheme or theme

There are many schools of thought when it comes to the color palette to use in a nursery. Some experts suggest bright and bold shades to stimulate brain activity, while others say more soothing tones will promote better sleep patterns. If possible, it might be a good idea to create a balance between these types of color, but in any case be sure to keep the room feeling light and airy.

Deciding on a theme might be a good way to approach the task of decorating the room. Not only will this make it easier to decide on what colors to use, but as your child grows, the theme will encourage imaginative play. A jungle or underwater theme might be fun, while fairies, cute dragons or retro robots are other ideas you might want to consider. Alternatively, pick your favorite children’s story and base the room’s decor on that. You can even choose a color scheme by selecting shades used in the book’s pictures.

•       Select the furniture

A nursery will need to have a cot, a changing table and a comfy chair for nursing and spending time with your baby. In addition, plenty of storage space will also be necessary to hold items ranging from nappies and bedding to clothing, toys and books.

•       Opt for easy-maintenance flooring

A nursery floor will eventually become the floor of a toddler’s room, then a young child and then a teenager. It’s safe to say that floor is going to get a lot of wear and tear, so opting for a durable surface that’s easy to keep clean and which will last for many years is the best choice.

At UK Flooring Direct, you’ll find a variety of beautiful wood floor products that will work well for a child’s room. Oak floors are a timeless option, while bamboo and cork are sustainable and contemporary options that will also look fantastic.

•       Accessories, soft furnishings and lighting

For the perfect finishing touch, think about ways of adding softness and texture to the room. Cushions, throws, curtains and area rugs are all good options, while dimmable lighting and carefully-placed lamps will make it easy to transform the nursery from a place for sleeping to a place for play.

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