Use Your Mom Skills to Fill Your Empty Nest with a Rewarding Career

The kids are getting older, and it’s time to start thinking about what to do with your new free time. However, you’re not ready to grab the knitting needles and settle into a rocking chair. Luckily, you don’t have to. Instead, you can leverage your mom skills to launch a new career.

new career for an empty nester

The Mom Calendar

For nearly two decades, you have been balancing a mom calendar full of multiple daily events and sticky notes with reminders about who and what to bring where. Take those planning and organizational skills and turn them into your own party or wedding planning business. Instead of stalking your kids’ social networking accounts to see what they are up to at college, jump online to market your company. All you need is one client to let you plan their wedding. Once their friends and your contacts see how successful that event was, they will be knocking on your door for your planning services.

The Art of Persuasion

You survived toddlers and their constant questioning of why, why, why, and you survived teens who always think they know best. Through both stages, you learned how to hold your ground and explain your opinions thoughtfully to get what you want. Take those persuasive communication skills and turn them into a career as a debt collector. Most collectors earn a base wage plus commission, and the more persuasive you are, the higher your commissions will be. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average debt collector earns $32,000 per year, while some of the most effective collectors earn salaries more than $48,000.

Animal Savior

You nursed the baby bird your kids found in the bushes back to health, you trained the dog that the kids promised to raise, and you even gave the hamster a lifesaving shot at one time. Your career as a mom has been a lot like running a veterinary clinic without the pay, but now that the kids are gone, you can turn those skills into a paying gig. Although becoming a vet requires college plus four years of graduate study, you can jump into a career as a vet tech easily and quickly. According to, becoming a vet tech only requires an associates degree, and by 2022, the industry is expected to grow by 30%, meaning that it should be easy to snag a job.

Yummy, Yummy

If you were always the mom who had freshly baked cookies ready when the kids arrived home from school, it’s time to launch your own baking career. All you need are a few great recipes to get started. Because many states have cottage baking laws, you might not even need a commercial kitchen. According to the Michigan state government, cottage baking laws allow you to use your home kitchen to create saleable treats. If there are no cottage baking laws in your state, rent a church kitchen or bake at night in a restaurant’s kitchen. When it’s time to peddle your wares, you can deliver baked goods to your customers, or you can set up shop at a farmer’s market.

Learning a Lesson

As a mom, you impart a lot of knowledge to your little ones. If you have a teaching degree, becoming a teacher is a great option for your empty nest years. However, you don’t necessarily need a teaching degree to work in a classroom. Many schools hire teacher’s aids without a degree, and if you just want part-time work, you can put your name on the substitute rooster. According to the Huffington Post, you can make about $400 a week as a substitute.

New careers for an empty nester

What do you plan to do when your kids “leave the nest”?


  1. Great ideas! I would suggest pursuing a passion and try and make it an income earner – so it could be teaching classes at a community college, writing a book, selling handmade items on Etsy, and so on.

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