Weekend Tip: Teach Your Child To Interrupt Politely

Deborah Gilboa is a working family physician with four kids. She spends her days helping her patients with their medical needs AND her community with their parenting questions. She has a YouTube video series and a blog with dozens and dozens of practical parenting solutions, and a book coming out soon. (affiliate link) Today, she’s sharing how to teach your child to interrupt politely while you’re working at home so you can get work done and they can get what they need.

As a work at home mom, it’s so hard to be professional while the kids are around and always needing you. Doctor G has a short video with a priceless tip on how to teach your kids when and how it’s okay to interrupt you. Whether you’re on the phone, a meeting at your house, a lunch date with a business partner or part of your downline, this skill will become invaluable as you juggle the challenges of working at home and parenting.


  1. Such a great tip! I am going to be teaching this to my youngest in particular! 🙂

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