What is Multi Level Marketing

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Today’s Work at Home Mom is all about helping those who, Work from home.  More and more, every day I run across new businesses online, and new people who work from home.  I have many times been approached by people with the question ~ What is a Multi Level Marketing business, and why should I join one as a job?

Well, I figured since I am asked often that many of you are probably asked as well.  So, I decided to simplify it here so you can share this with anyone who asks you.

Multi Level Marketing ~

While not all MLM opportunities or companies are legit, there are many that are.  Anytime you see an opportunity that asks for money up front for nothing other than being a part of their business is a scam.  I am not talking about buying a kit or product or paying for a website, as those are legit.

Multi Level Marketing is simple and a good way to bring in extra money or an actual income full time.  All depends on your goals, how hard you work and how dedicated you are to growing your business.  If your company sells products, and recruits others to be in your team or downline who also sell products you are in an MLM. If your company is run by the more you recruit the more money you make, then you are in an MLM.  This keeps an endless supply of money for the company as their is always new recruits joining and selling.

Keep in mind that if you find a company that peaks your interest to check it out, and Google it.  You will find vast amounts of info on just about any company you are interested in.  Yes, it is true you will find good and bad info so you need to read it all and make an educated choice on if this company is right for you.

Any time you come across a business opportunity that asks you to pay to join, stay away.   Like I said before, this is aside from a consultant kit or a website hosting fee.

Being in a MLM company has many advantages and disadvantages.  I know people who make $5000 or more a month and people that make $0 a month.  It is all how you run it.    Don’t ever look at what others make, just work your business, for you.


  1. Jennifer Jones says:

    I completely agree. Might I also add that it is very helpful if you discover something you are enthusiastic about before committing to it. I think it makes all the difference. Before finding Choffy, I loathed MLMs and could never imagine being “that girl” who just HAD to tell you about this product she’s selling. Well, desperate in need of a coffee replacement during an elimination diet when breastfeeding, I tried Choffy (brewed cacao), and I was so blown away I signed up within a week of my first sip. I think when you’re enthusiastic about a product, it shines through your every action and correspondence and it’s easy to get others excited about it as well.

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