Why Bloggers Should Join Fresh Press Media

Ever heard of Fresh Press Media? While looking for ways to grow my blog influence and income,  I found Fresh Press Media. And here are several reasons why I would recommend it to other bloggers.

As a Fresh Media Press ambassadors I'm getting the word out to bloggers about their great platform where influencers and advertisers come together.

Last year, soon after I started my blog, I had been wanting to get involved as a influencer with brands. I always enjoyed sharing about my experience with products. I wanted more than just listing products from affiliate programs. Becoming an influencer with a brand is a personal experience. You’re partnering with that brand to share about them with an audience. Some brands will pay bloggers to be an influencers. And other times they will provide products in exchange for a blog post and social media posts.

I am partnering with Fresh Press Media as an ambassador to share about them. I am being compensated for my sharing my honest and unbiased review.

Fresh Press Media Advantages

When I came across Fresh Press Media I was excited to join because they allow bloggers to join without having very high stats like some other influence networks require. I didn’t have 50,000 views a month or 10,000 Twitter followers. But I was growing my audience and knew I was skilled in writing honest reviews about products.

I noticed the platform is very user friendly. The marketplace, where you can find available gigs, is super easy to navigate. All the details of each gig is right there to see. The places to bid on a gig or leave a message is, too. I never feel like I have jump through a bunch of links to get to where I want to be.

Great Experiences with Advertisers

So far, I’ve partnered with four companies, including becoming a Fresh Press Media ambassador. It’s a been mix between paid gigs and product reviews in which I got paid with a sample. In all of them the communication between me and the brands have been wonderful. I get my questions and updates answered promptly. They have all been very professional and friendly. The samples I received have been received quickly and are quality products.  And a neat plus is that the brands sending samples, also gave me affiliate links so I can continue to be rewarded for referring shoppers to their websites.

I have been declined by a few brands. Reasons included them feeling my site didn’t match with them well enough and a desire for a large influence. That’s okay with me because it shows me that they don’t just accept anyone. There’s value in my influence to some and I work to growing it to expand my potential with other brands in the future.

Fresh Press Media is a influencer marketplace with a goal to simplify the relationship between influencers and advertisers. The platform really reflects that goal. Everything I need to find, apply to, and fulfill a project is right there in one place. And when a project is completed I can request my payment (once my account has at least $100 in it).

Finally, I’m seeing more advertisers offering gigs and I look forward to more joining so bloggers like me have more opportunities to work with them through Fresh Press Media.

As a Fresh Media Press ambassadors I'm getting the word out to bloggers about their great platform where influencers and advertisers come together.


  1. I recently joined Fresh Press Media and love it so far!

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