Work at Home Captioning Jobs

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Work at home captioning jobs hire workers to create captions for television, movies and videos. Captioning allows the hearing impaired understand the words spoken in a movie, show or video. Learn what it takes to start a new career in captioning.

Work at Home captioning jobs hire people to caption videos, movies, and TV shows. Learn how to get started in this rewarding career from home.

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Two Types of Work at Home Captioning Jobs

There are two kinds of captioning: offline closed captioning and real-time captioning.

Offline closed captioning is done while the show is not live, a pre-recorded show or movie. Fast typing and strong English skills are needed. You also want to understand about time codes. Time codes are coded signals providing information such as the frame number or recording time.

Some offline transcribers create a script while listening to a recording. And then they use the script for captioning. Other times they have a script provided which they use to transcribe the captioning.

Real-time captioning is done for live shows such as live talk shows, news programs, and charity fundraisers. Usually a real-time captioners is high skilled than a offline closed captioner because the job requires very accurate, fast typing.  A good real-time captioner can earn up to $100,000 a year. The average pay rate is around $24 per hour.

A captioning training course prepares you with the skills needed. Often, court reporting schools offer programs in captioning. You learn how to use a stenographer and write shorthand. Both of these skills increase your captioning speed. Read this article at  NCRA for more information on training and certification.

Equipment Needed

Here is some different equipment you’ll find is needed or helpful for work at home captioning jobs.

  • Reliable computer with Microsoft Office – be comfortable working with these.
  • A good headset and foot pedal to slow down and play back recording. These are used by transcriptionists, too.
  • Closed-captioning software – companies may recommend a specific one.
  • Dedicated phone line for business use.


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Companies That Hire Work at Home Captioners

Below are companies known for hiring work at home workers in the field of captioning. Remember they may not always have job openings. Therefore, be sure to bookmark this so you can check back to find the latest openings.

Aberdeen – closed captioning, real-time captioning, and caption editors. Need a knowledge of Christian terminology. Other requirements vary by position.

ASC Services (Formerly Morningside Partners) – news transcribers and captioners. Must have 3 years experience in captioning or transcription, a bachelor’s degree in English or journalism, and experience with AP style.

Caption Colorado  – Part and full-time captioning jobs in real-time captioning. Must have a 98% accuracy and complete a 30 minute real-time captioning assessment. Best scorers move on to further interviewing.

Caption Max – hires offline and real-time captioners. Must have 1-2 years experience. For real-time captioning, a A.A. or B.S. in Court and Conference Reporting, or similar degree, is required.

Caption Media Group – closed captioning for television, movies, videos, and other pre-programmed recordings. They require you to have 2 years experience with captioning software.

CrowdSurf – A freelance marketplace where you can find transcription and captioning work. More tasks are short giving freelancer flexibility.

Rev – Flexible captioning work that pays weekly through Paypal. You don’t need experience with this one. The pay is $.50-.75 per video minute. Average workers make about $240 a month. This is a good side-hustle to experience what captioning is like.

RNK Productions – captioning and transcription for television programs, movies, videos, etc. Their site mentions these are perfect to supplement income. Also, while no previous experience is required, entertainment or legal transcription experience is a bonus.

Talking Type Captions – closed captioning and subtitles for videos, movies, and television programs. They work with stations like A&E, The History Channel, and companies  like Big Fish Entertainment. Use the contact form on their website to inquire about job openings in closed captioning and real-time captioning.

Vitac – offers captioning services to clients like Lifetime, BBC America, and Discovery Channel. Offline closed captioning requires a Bachelor’s degree. Real-time captioning requires a 225 WPM typing speed. They also require a one-week, on-site, paid training.

Not all companies list job openings on their websites. Additionally, search on sites such as Upwork, Flexjobs, and Fiverr for captioning gigs and jobs.

In closing, if you are searching for a professional, rewarding career you can work from home, captioning is great option. While it does have some training needed, it doesn’t require a lengthy study program. For someone with strong skills with English, typing, and listening the earning potential the earning potential is higher than many average work at home jobs.


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