Work at Home Chat Jobs

For any company customer service is an important part of making a business successful. The kinds of customer service jobs has grown, including work at home jobs such as customer services agents. While many of these jobs require the agent to talk to customers over the phone, there are, also, those chat based services. Work at home chat jobs have customer service agent assist customers through a chat application or email to help them with problems or answer product questions.

If you are looking for job you can do from home, but maybe your home is noisy or you don’t want to be on the phone a lot, then work at home chat jobs may be an ideal job for you. I’ve searched around to create this handy list of companies that hire remote chat agents.

Looking for real work at home jobs that don't require you to be on the phone? Learn about these 20+ work at home chat jobs.

Helpful Skills for Work at Home Chat Jobs

The job requirements for work at home chat jobs varies from company to company. Make sure you read the requirements when applying. Generally, though, some helpful skills include good communication skills. Good grammar and spelling skills are definitely needed. Typing skills is a must. Although, the speed needed varies between jobs. I’ve seen a little as 25 wpm to high as 80wpm. Customer services skills and experience are big plus. For some positions, you may need to have sales experiences, too.

Please remember that while all these jobs are known to hire for work at home chat jobs, they all may not be hiring when you read list. Bookmark this page to keep it handy. And, come back to check on job availability.

  1. 24-7 InTouch – Email/Live Chat customer care representative.
  2. AppleCare – Advisor helping fix technical issues and customer services. Requirements include typing 35 wpm.
  3. Amazon – hires chat agents sometimes.
  4. Arise – home chat agents.
  5. Best Buy – Occasionally hires home chat customer support.
  6. Convergys – online chat associates provide technical support. Also, they hire phone support so  you need to go through the job list and read which are chat based only.
  7. Live Person – chat base customer agent.
  8. LiveWorld – hires moderators and agents for social media moderations, customer services, and monitoring.
  9. Metaverse Mod Squad – Mod contributors chat with customers, manage communities, update social media, and moderate content.
  10. My Live Pro – Chat support agents.
  11. Needle –  Hire agents for several internet retailers to provide customers with product expertise. Reports from workers say they made between $10- $14 per hour. Also, you can set own hours.
  12. Operator – help people shop through chat app.
  13. The Chat Chop – chat agents assist online customers shopping. Requires 80+wpm error free and ability to work 35-40 hours each week.
  14. Sedgwick CMS – E-support and fax work at home. Choose the customer service/call center option in the area of interest of the search.
  15. SiteStaff – Chat hosts. Requires 65-75 wpm with perfect grammar and spelling.
  16. Sutherland – customer support, sometimes chat agent jobs.
  17. – remote services technician. Need to type 30-40 wpm.
  18. Talk 2 Rep – Chat support agents. Type 50w pm with no errors.
  19. Teletech – Customer support, occasionally chat based jobs.
  20. Telvated – online chat customer service. Also, phone based positions.
  21. Uber – community support representatives.

Additional Resources

Other places you can look for chat and email support jobs include Upwork, FlexJobs, and You might also consider starting a virtual assisting business with customer support as a service. To learn more read: Answering Emails For Money – How I Made $1,000 Per Month Answering Emails For Others.

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