Work at Home Jobs That Pay $12 or More Per Hour

A common myth of work at home jobs is that the pay is always low. Sure there are companies hiring at below minimum wage and looking for overseas employees.  And there are some jobs that pay around minimum wage. But what do you do if you are living the United States? Our cost living keeps going up and making minimum wage isn’t enough to live on? I’d like to share with you this list of companies that pay at least $12 per hour.

Thinking work at home jobs don't pay much? There are a growing number of jobs that pay well. Like these 30+ jobs paying $12 or more per hour.

Things to Remember About Work at Home Jobs

First, let’s cover a few few things to remember when looking for work at home jobs. Some companies hire on and off during the year. That means some of these listed may or may not being hiring when you read this post. If that’s the case, keep this post bookmarked and come back later to check on updates.

No Guarantees

I can not guarantee you’ll find the ideal job and be hired right away. Job hunting takes time and patience. Put your best out there by thoroughly reading job descriptions. Be careful to avoid any errors in your application. Polish up your resume and cover letter. Consider what parts of your ideal job you can and cannot to do without. Definitely apply for jobs as soon as you see them. Jobs opening can fill quickly.

Stay Organized

Applying to work at home jobs online gets disorganized and confusing quickly. Keep a record of what companies you want to apply. Keep a list of jobs you’ve applied to with dates and statuses. Create a folder on your browser to save job websites and another for job lists like this post. I found this to really help keep track of the jobs I was interested in and which ones I had applied to.

Have a Work Space

Be ready with the right work space and equipment for the type of work at home jobs you’re seeking. You may need a quiet space such a room with a door. You’ll also need to check your computer and internet connection against requirements. And have a comfortable, clean, and organized desk and chair. You’ll be living in your work space daily. Therefore, you need a good chair made for siting several hours.

Work at Home Jobs Paying $12 or More:

  1. American Express – hires virtual customer service agents paying $16 per hour. Full time position with benefits.
  2. Apple – Work at home chat agent jobs. Pay rates vary but usually more than $12 per hour.
  3. Aspire Lifestyle – work at home concierge position paying $12-$13. Job training period is $9 per hour.
  4. Blooms Today – Seasonal customer service agent jobs paying about $15 per hour.
  5. Blue Zebra Appointment Setting – Cold calling business-to-business jobs paying $15 per hour or more. Prefer hiring those experienced with appointment setting and cold calling.
  6. Brighten Communication – Work at home cold caller jobs paying $12-$18 per hour.
  7. Carlson Wagonlit Travel – Remote travel counselors paying about $15 per hour.
  8. Doctors on Demand – Hires employees with 2 or more years of healthcare experience for customer support jobs paying $16-$18 per hour.
  9. Executive Scheduling Associates – work at home schedulers to set financial wholesaler appointments paying $12 per hour.
  10. Extended Presence – work at home appointment setters/telemarketers paying over $12 per hour (according to research done).
  11. Great Virtual Works – customer service and inbound sales agent positions paying $15 per hour.
  12. Hilton Worldwide – Work at home phone jobs paying $12 – $15 per hour.
  13. Intermedia – Remote tech support jobs paying about $18 per hour.
  14. Live Ops – Insurance agents are contracted for a virtual call center. Pays $13-$15. Top earners make $22-30 per hour. They have other positions as well for different pay rates.
  15. Nextwave Advocacy – Political outreach calling jobs paying $12 per hour.
  16. OnPoint  – Political outreach calling jobs paying about $12 per hour (according to research done).
  17. Paragon Planners –  work at home schedulers to set financial wholesaler appointments paying $12-$14 per hour.
  18. eModeration – Work at home community/social media moderators paying $15-$16 per hour (according to research done).
  19. Appen Butler Hill – work at home web search evaluators paying slightly over $13 per hour.
  20. iSoftStone – Work at home search engine evaluation and other at home jobs paying about $13 per hour.
  21. Leapforce – Remote search engine evaluation jobs paying over $13 per hour.
  22. ZeroChaos – Search engine evaluation/ad quality rating jobs paying $15 per hour.
  23. Elevate K12 – Virtual instructor jobs paying $12 per hour.
  24. InstaEdu – hires online tutors paying $20 per hour.
  25. PalFish – Hires tutors to help Chinese student learn English using your smartphone and their app. Average pay is $13-$15 per hour.
  26. Panda Tree – Hires tutors for Spanish and Mandarin paying $12 or more per hour.
  27. PrepNow – Work at home tutor jobs paying $15 per hour. Must have 4 year degree.
  28. Rosetta Stone – Work at home language coach positions paying around $17 per hour.
  29. The ACT – Work at home scoring ACT essays paying $12 or more per hour. Performance-based pay.
  30. Vericant – Remote raters hired to evaluate Chinese students’ English speaking skills. Raters earn $15-$24 per hour.
  31. – Listeners/therapists positions for people experienced in counseling or therapy paying $15 per hour.
  32. Red Butler – Virtual assistant jobs paying $12-15 per hour.
  33. Worldwide 101 – Virtual assistant jobs paying $15-20 per hour.
  34. Smart Brief – Freelance writing creating short news articles paying about $14 hourly.
  35. The Yeomen – Email support reps paying $13-$18 per hour (according to research done).
  36. Tigerfish – hires transcriptionists, resources report it’s possible to make $15+ per hour.
  37. Xerox – Work at home data entry jobs. Reported by sources to pay $12-$14 per hours. Need to type 8,000 keystrokes per hour (apx. 27 wpm). They offer other virtual jobs, too.



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