Work at Home Transcription Jobs

Work at home transcription jobs are real jobs that allow you to earn income, have flexible hours, and not need a lot of experience to qualify. Today, I’m going to share how you can get started in the field of transcription work.

Updated on March 8, 2017 with additional work from home transcription companies and resources.

Work at home transcription jobs are real jobs that allow you to earn income with a flexible schedule. Tips & a list of over 45 job sites to get you started.

Types of Work at Home Transcription Jobs

There are three main types of work at home transcription jobs: general, legal, and medical. A transcriptionist is given a audio file to listen and transcribe (turn into readable text).  General transcription does not require any schooling or work experience, but there are some skills needed to do well in this career field.

Skills Needed

Since you will be listening and typing out audio files, you need typing skills. A minimum of 60 word per minute is recommended to qualify for work at home transcription jobs. The faster and more accurate your typing is, the more job opportunities you will have.

Good listening skills are needed, too. Audio isn’t always clear; you have to listen intently to avoid any mistakes. A good headset and no distractions help.

Strong language skills are a must in transcription work. That means you want to have brushed up on your grammar and writing skills. You want to avoid making spelling, punctuation, or grammar mistakes in any work at home transcription jobs.

There are lots of free and low cost ways to improve any skills you feel need improvement.

If you are interested in legal or medical transcription, then you want a good training program like Career Step . They offer a quality at home study program in medical transcription. Transcribe Anywhere offers courses in both general and legal transcription, including a free mini-course. You can do general transcription while you training if you’d like. And then, move ahead to a more advanced career you’ve prepared for.

Getting started in general transcription work provides a change to see if you enjoy the work. And it’s a smart step to take before you commit to paying for any formal training, if you are interested in medical or legal transcription.

Pay Rates

Pay for work at home transcription jobs range from $6 to $60 per hour according to As with any job, the better you get at it, the more you can make. This is a job that pays by how much you work you complete (per audio hour), not pay per the hour.

Therefore, speed and accuracy are important to making higher wages in these work at home transcription jobs. As you get experience you learn techniques and methods which help you work faster.

In closing, I see many mixed opinions about work at home transcription jobs. While some people say companies outsource overseas or voice-to-text software is replacing transcription, others report they have no problem finding work. Although, there are always be companies trying to outsource, some prefer having native English-speaking employees who have a strong grasp on the language. And although new technology has been available, doctors are switching back to transcription services because it is easier for them. It’s my opinon that every career has its negatives and positives. And everyone approaches a job with a different mindset.

Ultimately, you get what you put into a job. Treat it seriously. Be dedicated, improve your skills, do a good job, and seek out the best job to fit. Attitude has much to do with how successful you will be in your job, whatever it is you choose to do. Not to mention patience, too! As MoneySavingMom blogger stated, she submitted many job applications and resumes submission before she got hired.

Companies Hiring for Work at Home Transcription Jobs

General Transcription

  1. 3Play Media
  2. Accutran Global
  3. Accentance
  4. American High-Tech Transcription
  5. Appen 
  6. Atheron
  7. Babbletype
  8. Bam!
  9. Cambridge Transcriptions
  10. Caption Matrix
  11. CastingWords
  12. Crowdsurf
  13. Daily Transcription
  14. eTranscription Solutions
  15. Fantastic Transcripts
  16. GMR Transcription
  17. GoTranscribe
  18. iDictate
  19. Mass Transcription
  20. ASC Services / Morningside
  21. Mulberry Studio
  22. Neal R. Gross 
  23. Quicktate 
  24. Rev
  25. RNK Transcription
  26. Scribie
  27. SpeakWrite
  28. Speechpad
  29. Tigerfish
  30. TranscribeMe!
  31. Transcribe Team
  32. Transcription Divas
  33. Transcriptions ‘N’ Translations
  34. TSI Transcripts
  35. Ubiqus
  36. Verbal Ink
  37. WordzExpressed

Medical Transcription (& Medical Coding)

  1. Altegra Health
  2. Ascend Healthcare Systems
  3. Aviacode
  4. Codebusters
  5. Coding Network (The)
  6. Coding Network (The)
  7. iMedX
  8. M*Modai
  10. Precyse
  11. MT Stars – Job board for medical transcription jobs

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  1. My daughter just got her first transcription job but is looking for more work. I’m definitely going to share this post with her, thanks Katharine!

  2. Wow, I had no idea that medical transcription could be done at home. This would be a great resource for those who want to earn some money while staying at home. It’s good to know ahead of time that grammar and fast typing are preferred skills in the medical transcription field.

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