Work from Home Jobs Paying $15 an Hour (and more!)

Work from home jobs paying $15 an hour or more can make a big difference in a family’s finances. If you spend any time comparing income from a $10 an hour and from a $15 an hour job, you can see how much a difference that $5 can make. For example,  if you work full-time; $5 would mean an extra $200 per week! I think it’s obvious it’s worth the effort to seek out the best paying jobs possible. Working from home no longer means you have to accept working for pennies. I wanted to share with you some companies that are known for hiring remote workers at $15 per hour or more.

Work from home jobs paying $15 an hour or more can make a big difference in a family's finances. Find out where to look for remote jobs with this pay range.

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List of Work from Home Jobs Paying $15 An Hour or More

Please remember that these are companies that are known for hiring for work from jobs. However, they may not have opening at the time you are reading this article. If you see one you’d like apply for, then bookmark this list and return periodically to check the companies for updated job availability.

To make you a good hiring candidate for these work from home jobs paying $15 an hour be ready with a good resume and the right equipment. Keep track of where you apply and when so you can follow up later. Any evaluations or paperwork requested should be completed promptly.

Appen Butler Hill

They hire Search Engine Evaluators at $15 an hour. Plus, some projects go higher. Requirements include fast, reliable internet and an up to date computer. It looks like they are mostly part time positions – 20 hours/4 hours a day. Hiring is in the US and some worldwide.

American Express

American Express hires virtual customer service agents at $16 an hour. Also, has a benefits package for this full-time position. Requirements are flexibility to work evenings, weekends, and overnight shifts. Also, they require a 4 year degree or 4 years customer service experience. You need high speed internet and a separate analog phone line for training and production calls. They hire worldwide so use the search terms and location to weed out non-remote jobs

Blooms Today

Hires seasonal customer service agents to work from home. Pay is $15 per hour with top performing agents earning $24 an hour average. Requirements includes knowledge of promoting, selling, up-selling; success in a sales environment; and good phone communication skills. They hire in all states except Texas, California, and Florida.

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting

Cold calling business-to-business appointment setting. Pay is $15 per hour. They have a preference for experience with appointment settings and cold calling applicants.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Carlson Wagonlit Travel hires remote travel counselors with international reservation experience; skilled with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook; experience using Sabre; and good phone communication skills. This work from home jobs pays $15 an hour and is full-time.

Chegg Tutors

Work at an Online Tutor helping students in different subjects. Tutoring is done via Skype, video chat, texting, and whiteboard based on your and the student’s preferences. The work from home position pays $20 an hour.

Doctors on Demand

Customer support positions for those with 2+ years healthcare experience. Pay is $16-18 an hour. This is one of those isn’t always hiring so you want to keep checking back for new listings.


Hires Online Moderators to manage client’s social media pages and forums. They pay $15 per hour and required you to be comfortable using social media and understand how they work.

Flex Jobs

This is one of the top search sites for finding flexible, work from home jobs. Find up to date job listings in a large of categories. Pay ranges from entry level to $15 per hour and beyond depending of job and experience.

Listeners/therapists positions for people experienced in counseling or therapy paying $15 per hour. Experience needed depends on position.

Great Virtual Works

Work from home jobs paying $15 an hour for customer service and inbound sales positions. Positions are as independent contractors (they call them independent business owners). Schedules are flexible allowing workers to schedule in 30 min increments. No landline is needed.


Remote tech support. Pay is $18 per hour. Applicants should have 1+ years of high-volume call center support giving technical support, familiarity with DNS, networking, and VOIP; and experience configuring Outlook and email applications. Scroll down to the Remote in the jobs to find available openings.


Work at a customer service or sales representative assisting customers. Pay is $15-19 an hour. Requires some customer service or sales experience, one or more years of college or related work experience.  I noticed that jobs are listed by locations even though they are remote jobs. Some may require on-site training while others I’ve seen do not. Full-time employment with a fixed schedule and benefits package. I used “work from home” in the keywords search to find the remote job listings.

Stitch Fix

Work as a fashion stylist from home. Stitch Fix hires in specific locations across the US. Stylists help customers on the website in selecting items for this fashion box. Pay is $15 and goes higher depending on position in the company. Training is done off-site before starting the job.


Hires remote raters to evaluate Chinese students’ English speaking skills. Raters earn $15-$24 per hour.  Seasonal work between September and March for 5-15 hours a week. Must have a bachelor’s degree and experience teaching ESL.

Worldwide 101

Worldwide 101 hires virtual assistants to help with administrative and clerical tasks. You might be booking appointments, scheduling meetings, etc. They hire worldwide with pay at $15 to $20 per hour. You will need a computer with highspeed internet, headset, and webcam.


Search engine evaluation and ad quality rating position. Pay is $15 per hour. Since they aren’t continually hiring, check back on the job search for updates.

In closing these are just a small number of the opportunities available. Beyond the work from home jobs paying $15 an hour or more, there are many freelance and business opportunities that pay in the range of $25 to $75 per hour. To learn more visit these articles:

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Find more telecommuting jobs at Flex Jobs!





  1. Ive been struggling finding work going on 5 years now. Ive been trying to find something worki g from home but does not require a landline.

    • Katharine says:

      Sorry to hear that, Cherik. I recommend three things. One: consider all possibilities and weed out any kind that require experience or landline you don’t have. There are 100’s of jobs around that don’t need one and many jobs that require experience. Second: examine your approach to applying for jobs. You must approach a job as professionally as in person. Check your application and resume to make sure they are perfect. Be confident in person to person interviews. And stay consistent; check for job opening daily. Always be applying. And third: Think outside the box. If no job suits you, make your own. Become a freelancer using a skill or talent. Learn something you can sell as a service. There are businesses you can start with practically little to no investment.

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