Work From Home Organization: The Family Binder

When I was in a local chapter of The Mom’s Club I was introduced to something pretty wonderful at one of our officer meetings.  Another one of the moms brought her “family binder” with her and inside was pretty much everything she needed to keep her kids’ school and extracurricular activities organized.  I was in awe.

In that moment I realized I needed one too so I went home and decided to create my own.   After taking one last look at the unorganized pile of papers on the desk in our kitchen I was so happy to finally have a solution!

Family Binder

I happened to have a decent binder at home already but

I hit up the local office supply store the very next day for the other items I needed to complete the binder.

All you need to create your own family binder are these few items:

3” View Binder with pockets


Divider tabs (one per child/family member)

individual tab

Sheet protectors


Helpful items to also have on hand:

3-hole punch

Staple remover

Sharpie (for labeling tabs)

Each of my kids has their own tab and everything we need is in there and easily found – class instructions and calendars, school or team rosters, even passwords for online educational sites.  If it is something you know you will need to look at repeatedly it is great to put it inside a sheet protector so it does not easily tear or get marked up.


In the pockets I stash drawings or other keepsake items from the year and on the top of the binder, in the view pocket, I also put some “art” from school that makes me smile.

This simple binder has made my life a lot easier when it comes to finding things we need for pretty much anything the kids have going on.


I would also say that you could add a tab for yourself and include things that you might need for your own activities, as well as reminders or medical paperwork, tax paperwork, etc.  The sky’s the limit really for getting organized in your own family binder!

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  1. This is such a great idea, Elaine!

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